Friday, September 18, 2009

Here In My Cottage

The top of Edward’s head smells just like the sea. I have no idea why that is, but as there is often a tiny plum-coloured smudge of lipstick there, resulting from the kisses I cannot resist bestowing upon him, I speak empirically. I stoop to plant a kiss atop that furry head and suddenly...... sea winds, sand beneath my toes, the sun glowing pink behind my closed eyelids.
Apple’s head, on the other hand, smells like clover. A sunny meadow picnic, honeybees, butterflies, breezes. Again, don’t ask me why.

These are but two of the small pleasures that, for me, make life here in my cottage extraordinary. If one takes the time to notice, slows down but a fraction, these pleasures are everywhere and it seems they are especially abundant this time of year.....

The lavender scent of clean laundry - the feel of freshly starched sheets when I slip between them on a cool night.......

A house full of open windows that welcome in the caramel light of September, curtains blowing in and out with the winds that race through the summer weary rooms....

Tomato soup and cheese toast.......

Rolling out the dough for the first apple pie of the season, while Vivaldi tickles the kitchen walls with melody........

Donning that first snuggly sweater. The green one. Pulling on the first pair of newly polished boots. The brown ones.......

Drinking in the elixir of clean, crisp air on long afternoon walks with Edward when the sunlight sets the trees aglow.....

Fat orange pumpkins waiting to be carved into scary, spooky Jack o’Lanterns.....

The woodsy smell of firewood......

An old chintzware pitcher filled with newly sharpened pencils.....

That tiny, enticing crack of a new book when you open it for the very first time. And the delicious fragrance of the new, unread pages........

The painterly colours of cabbages ........

The morning crossword puzzle......

The warm feel of cool fur when the dogs come in from a early morning romp. And the way that fur smells faintly of wood smoke when they have been outside on a night when a fire blazes in the fireplace.......

Watching The Wizard of Oz on television on a dark windy night. This is especially pleasurable when I realize that Billie Burke, who played the Good Witch, was
fifty-three years old when she did so!!


  1. Love the art at the top of this post, Pamela. I'm a sucker for pretty little cottages (did you see my post about motto prints?... very similar art on a couple of them). Lovely images of fall too... though we're not quite there yet here on the west coast!

  2. sent of lavender and Vivaldi, I love them both! By the way, I really like the black and white photo of Edward and you - so unencumbered!

  3. I have been sitting here for an hour now...catching up on all of your beautiful writings. I love every single one. I especially love this list of pleasures. I completely agree with every single one.
    I have loved your writing since the 70's. I am so happy that you are finally sharing it with others.
    miss you.

  4. The perfect list of delectable doables Pamela, xv.

  5. I too love Autumn for all the textures & tastes.
    Your list inspires me. ( but of course you knew that)

  6. Oh what lovely thoughs are wrapped up in this beautiful and heart warming post. Thank you! I will be making home grown apple pie later today! Suzie. x :)

  7. You describe autumn beautifully here Pamela. We do share the love of the coziness of this gorgeous season. I love starting a fire during a cool afternoon~ tea and good book. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Mmmm ... all delicious things so beautifully described! Leigh

  9. Oh, how blissful - I love the thought of Vivaldi tickling your kitchen walls, the smell of lavender scented laundry and the crisp pages of the new book - your words have made with smile with joy:)

  10. These sents can be so wonderful!
    Well you mentionned the sent of tomato soup!
    When I was working suddenly I smelt the scent of tomato soup that my husband was preparing! Wonderful!


  11. You are gifted in such a beautiful way Pamela. My Sadie Mae's little black pudgy paws smell like Potato chips. We girls stick together like cotton candy. I can totally relate to Edward and your faithful relationship.
    In Washington this morning, I anticipate the day to be full of life and full of joy and part of that is reading your post this morning. Off to a joyful start!

  12. Pamela, I love your site. Your writing is captivating and I love your choice of pictures. I really enjoyed your pictures of Edward. He looks like a dog of true character. I look forward to your next post.

  13. Your unique take on life's little pleasures are beguiling, as ever, Pamela.

  14. lovely selection of scents, I used to love the smell between our bunny Anya's ears, so sweet...

  15. I smiled with anticipation when I saw you had posted - and I wasn't disappointed!! You have such a way with words - thank you for sharing -

  16. You make everyday life seem so romantic...and make me wonder why I don't like Fall more. Have a nice weekend!

  17. Happy friday afternoon, Pamela! Please give my regards to Edward, that handsome fellow with the great big smile.

    Ah,'s my favorite time of year. For me, the sweater is pink (I wore it for the first time two nights ago), and Vivaldi is one of my favorites, but I have to mix in a bit of Bach, Mozart and Chopin. I am already anticipating the first beef stew of the season, and I am already with an eye on the local pumpkin fields to see how they're coming along. I noticed for the very first time the slight orange-yellow tinge of the trees on my way up the mountain to work this morning, and with that discovery, I know that Autumn is not far behind. I am so excited that I will go home this evening to plan for our biennial Halloween Party. I already have already chosen my costume.

    Thanks for the poetry of your words and a lovely post.

  18. The scent of lavender, that's something I'd like to add to my sheets. Maybe I'll make a sachet. This was such a beautiful reminder to smell the tops of the heads of the ones we love!

  19. you have so gratitude in your daily life.
    it is beautiful.

  20. I love that I smelled everything you described as I read this - it was just wonderful..

    and anyone who posts a pic of Glenda the Witch of North is my friend for life..:-) .come out.. come out .. where ever you are..

  21. As always, a lovely post. I too am looking for Autumn and enjoying the first faint signs, with patient anticipation.

    Today we went into the hills, to see where he was hiding, old Autumn!

  22. I want to plant a kiss on Edward's head too!

    You always wonderfully depict the best and most beutiful of every season! I love that!

    Thank you!

  23. Where do you find these wonderful illustrations!...This is perfect!...I love your autumnal pleasures...I think I will have grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup for supper tonight:)


  24. Turning 53 next month will now have a bewitching magical touch! :^)

  25. Hi Pamela,
    You have won the Spring Green, Fairy Bracelet. In the giveaway draw!:)
    Please send me your full name and address details through my website. I will send the bracelet to you early this week!
    Best wishes, Jo May.

  26. Pamela, your words are so very lovely. I love reading them over and over again. I hope you and Edward are having a wonderful weekend romping around in your green sweater and brown polished boots!

  27. Donning the first snuggly sweater, smelling newly sharpened pencils and the pages of a new book .... woodsmoke ..... toasted cheese .... Pure bliss!

  28. Although I'm longing for Autumn and all the comforts it brings - I'm loving reading your thoughts while waiting. Lovely, just lovely.

    I drove into the countryside yesterday and found pumpkins, squash and gourds.......I'm getting ready!! And yes......I polished my tall boots!

  29. O,yes...the morning crossword puzzle..we do this in the evening,after,candle the fire place..

  30. What a beautiful multi dimensional
    Glinda is one of my all time favourite characters and we should all heed her advice "only bad witches are ugly my dear".

  31. I love the picture you chose for today. There is something Enid Blyton's Toy Town about it. :-)

    Yes I think how a dog smells tells you about their character. Angel smells of fresh cut hay. I did know a choc labrador whose paws smelt divinely of digestive biscuits. :-)

    Yes tomatoe soup and cheese weather in this the best of all seasons- early Autumn, with windfall apple pie with cloves.

  32. I just love the colorful old pictures like the cottage with the blue tree and flowers! I like this time of year too. It's a perfect time to catch up on my blog reading, especially From the House of Edward!

  33. It all sounds so delicious.

    Remember when the annual television broadcast of The Wizard of OZ was SUCH a treat? I cried and cried when my mother told me that Judy Garland was dead.

  34. What is the illustation on this post. It's lovely. I'm glad that I've rediscovered you, and Edward of course. He sounds adorable.


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