Friday, July 17, 2009

A Dozen Favourite Things For Summer!

1. The beautiful, whimsical artwork of Amber Alexander, shown above.
Visit her and see what I mean.

2. The Secret of Roan Inish - a completely magical film,
and the perfect summertime escape.
You can almost smell the salt air through your open windows.

3. Yoplait Thick and Creamy Key Lime Pie Yogurt, only 100 calories and tastes totally like the real thing!

4. Milkmoon - blogger Ciara Brehony takes the most charming photographs of her family’s life in Ireland. She really has an eye for beauty.

5. This enchanting bed

6. These autumnal fact this entire
Fall Collection
I cannot wait to wear these kinds of clothes again.

7. This holiday rental.....oh, to spend August
And Edward could come too... Pets are allowed.

8. Cheese souffle and watermelon for lunch while Sinatra sings Summer Wind in the background

9. Adorable Luna Lovegood

10. White linen trousers and shell bracelets

11. Knitting Christmas’s only five months away you know

12. And finally, this quotation by Iris Murdoch:

"Happiness is a matter of one's most ordinary everyday mode of consciousness being busy and lively and unconcerned with self. To be damned is for one's ordinary everyday mode of consciousness to be unremitting agonizing preoccupation with self."

painting by Amber Alexander


  1. Pamela you've really got my imagination fired up with this post. Those gorgeous clothes and that bed and oh that holiday retreat on the beach! I love the Amber Alexander painting at the top of your post.
    Now to the links...

  2. Wonderfully whimsical choices...exactly what I would have expected from you.

    Have you seen the Harry Potter movie looney Luna. I saw The Secret of Roan Inish and enjoyed the film as much as you. Key Lime yogurt that tastes like the real thing...putting that one on my shopping list. I really like that first painting by Amber Alexander.

  3. I always love when you do a post about your favorite things Pamela. I'm going to enjoy exploring the links.

    Isn't it funny --I have Summer Wind palying on my blog right now!

  4. Well said & well done!
    Oh I am longing for the rustle of the trees & the chill in the air!

  5. I like the linen and the fall clothes. and Frank Sinatra, and watermelon and that house. great list!

  6. Oh what a lovely treat to wake up to Pamela dear-heart! And what a thrill to be included...eeee! I am honored.

    Especially because every other item you've included could easily be on my list...sigh. And you've managed to somehow weave in almost every season too. How'd you do that! Though to be honest the mention of Chritsmas did end a frisson of fear through me!

    I LOVE the painting, and can't wait to see more of Amber's work.
    And that bed did make me sigh.

    I could go through the whole list, but I think I'll finish by saying myself and my daughter Finn are Luna fans extraordinaire, and we can't wait to see the film!

  7. Such a thought provoking list. I do think this a favorite post. Especially the lunch, listening to Sinatra. Love the Amber Alexander art.

  8. you really have a way for making me wish that I lived next door and Bentley and I could come by and take a nap in that bed, wake up to the smooth sound of Sinatra, paint pretty pictures for you for future posts and dream about places we can go and bring our faithful friends.

  9. What a wonderful selection of goodies. I'm going to have to buy The Secret of Roan Inish, it's just my cup of tea :)

    I've had a lovely peaceful visit here, as always. It's just like taking a mini-break from reality. A chance for our Muses to hang out together :)

    Kim x

  10. thank you, Pamela!
    For including my painting and for all the great ideas- I'm intrigued by the film... must see :)
    the only thing I can't really 'feel' is looking forward to fall. We haven't had much of a summer yet.:(
    and then our winters are brutal, so, we NEED more summer :)
    Thanks again!

  11. Hello P&E,

    I enjoyed Amber's art and the photographs over at milkmoon - idyllic worlds, both! Hope you manage to enjoy all your favourites. Don't forget the knitting.

  12. I can't get anyone at the manor to watch The Secret of Roan Inish with me! Love-love-love that film. I pop it in and watch it when I'm alone.

  13. I just love these Pamela! So many beautiful and yummy things. And The Iris Murdoch quote at the end went right to my heart. Thanks much.

  14. I love everything you share.
    Love Jeanne♥

  15. Oh my goodness. A new face to wake up to. Your quotes, photos, insights all combine in a lovely, inspiring, restful way. You truly have the gift of transporting your reader to the present and to the imagination at the same time.

  16. Pamela...I always FEEL good after a visit with you!!
    That bed is the bomb! I'm sure gonna check out that movie but I'd prefer Tybee Island, St. Simons or
    the North Carolina beach over California. Speaking of which, I didn't know there was a Ft. Bragg there, I know there is a Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville, NC.
    A hug to you, E & A ? xoxo

  17. This is wonderful! I'm officially obsessed with that bed, and I think I may need to go buy several items from Amber Alexander. She's clearly got a wonderful sense of humor...

  18. Totally agree with the Iris Murdoch quote - wish I knew what key lime pie tasted like - love the look of that holiday let - adore those clothes = and that nesty bed.

  19. Great post Pamela - I love your favourite things and thank you for so many wonderful suggestions, xv.

  20. I'm enjoying some of that Key Lime yogurt. You made it sound so good, I had to pick some up today at Kroger. You're right. It's devine. Now, I think I'll pop in Roan Inish...

  21. I need that bird's nest bed.

  22. oh I love the Secret of Roan Inish, I've seen it twice, what a wonderful film....

    I love Amber's artwork too, thanks for introducing me to her...

  23. Great list! I've been thinking all day about what would be on my own...
    Thanks for directing me to Amber Alexander... spent more time than I should have paging through her blog. I really have a thing for watercolors and her whimsical subjects are enchanting. Love that beaver hat and the bear reading with his cup of tea.

  24. boy, i needed a smile.
    these images did it for me.
    xx thank you

  25. oh my, I love the first painting! it's just wonderful - and the color of the fall clothes is just yummy - such a fabulous list, but the best part was ending by the picture in your sidebar of Edward in his knit hat - it always makes me laugh! Happy Summer!

  26. I do love your summer plans, what a lovely list including Edward in the treats as well.
    A beautiful, imaginative painting.

  27. What a fantastic whimsical bed -love it! Oh what dreams you could have. :-)

    Ooo love the holiday cottage- to sit and sew hearing the waves.

  28. Love this post Pamela & your one dozen favourite Summer items! That bed is dreamy & the cottage ~ wish it was where I was spending my Summer hol's :-)
    ♥ to sweet Edward.

  29. Hi,

    The bed is really neat.
    It connects a creative design with a meaning.

    Kind regards,


  30. What wonderful favourite things! Oh, to spend August in that wonderful house by the sea, I'd take one or two of those Key Lime Pie yoghurts with me - they sound gorgeous:)

  31. I love Ciara's blog too!

    The holiday cottage looks great, I am sure Edward would enjoy long walks along the beach, barking at the waves. Shame you can't take him to Skye, I can see him in a Tam O"Shanter.

  32. I too love Amber's work and this one is a particular favourite of mine and your vacation rental spot is divine. A lovely perfect list and has inspired me, I think, to make my own 12 favs of summer. Miss D sends sweet kisses and lots of love to handsome Edward and Miss A (and you of course) xo Susan

  33. Every now and then I need the beach. One such as pictured is divine.

  34. do you mind if I swipe this little meme for my blog? Wonderful ideas! I just noticed Edward in his manly man's knitted hat. What a beauty! (the hat's pretty, too!)

  35. A beautiful collection, an even more beautiful truth, thank you.

  36. All simply adorable. Oh to wake up in a bed like that. Like having one's own secret glade.

  37. Lovely list of summer favs. Some of them even gave me goosebumps just thinking about them. thanks!

  38. Oh, what a good list! I adore 'Roan Inish' -one of my favorites. Whenever I re-watch it I start craving Irish movies ("Waking Ned Devine","Into the West", "The Nephew" to name a few) and listening to The Chieftans. :-)

  39. Wow, I want that bed and those lovely clothes. What a lovely list Pamela. I must see that film. Sounds my ideal.

  40. Just reading this list made me happy:)....I haven't made cheese souffle in a long time...thanks for the reminder!

  41. Your blog is beautiful, and oooh, that bed! Who wouldn't want that, right?"


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