Monday, November 3, 2008

Song of Hope
A Poem by Thomas Hardy

O sweet To-morrow! -
After to-day
There will away
This sense of sorrow.
Then let us borrow
Hope, for a gleaming
Soon will be streaming,
Dimmed by no gray -
No gray!

While the winds wing us
Sighs from The Gone,
Nearer to dawn
Minute-beats bring us;
When there will sing us
Larks of a glory
Waiting our story
Further anon -

Doff the black token,
Don the red shoon,
Right and retune
Viol-strings broken;
Null the words spoken
In speeches of rueing,
The night cloud is hueing,
To-morrow shines soon -
Shines soon!


  1. What a perfect poem for the day!

  2. All eyes this side of the water are watching and waiting too. Wonderful poem, and a beautiful image too. Thanks Pamela!

  3. Very pretty poem and accompanying picture. Your posts always bring more class to Blog Land. :o) ♥ ∞

  4. Very excited about tomorrow and can't wait to vote!

  5. I've already done my civic duty by mail.

    Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow.

  6. such a nice poem. we all need a little hope these days!

  7. Wonderful poem today! Tomorrow shines soon!!

  8. This made me cry. I love it. With a beautiful photograph. Such a lovely, perfect post.

  9. Amen, and a lovely poem, to boot. (I love that phrase - does anyone use it anymore?)

  10. Sorry, been a bit pre-occupied, stunning post, perfect poem and that picture is how I want to look, composed and chic.

  11. I am late to this but hope was rewarded.

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