Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Edward In His Favorite Chair


When we brought Edward home, almost four years ago now, he sighed a big sigh, and fell fast asleep in front of the fire. As it was just a few days before Christmas, naturally there were lots of errands to run, lots of gifts to deliver, and we took him with us on each little outing. For a few days, every time we put him in the car, his spirits plummeted. I could see him, through the rear view mirror, head drooping, eyes lowered - he looked like he didn’t have a friend in the world. Pulling back into our drive after holiday rounds were done, a remarkable transformation took place in Edward. Smiling his big smile, dancing on his new leash, he could hardly contain his happiness. He would run up the front steps and bounce around at the door waiting to be let in with such happy anticipation. Finally, I understood. With each errand we ran, he thought it was another trip to another home. He’d been on the streets for a while, and shuttled around a good bit after being rescued by the shelter. He was overjoyed when he realized he wasn’t being taken away again, but was coming back to the same place, his place, the place he wanted so badly to call home. Well of course, it broke my heart right into when I realized what was going on.

Home. Just four letters, but such an abundant word that encompasses so much. A place, a feeling, a concept, an idea of belonging. Upon entering the home of a new client for the first time, I often ask them this question, “where do you put the Christmas tree?” An unexpected inquiry, and one that leads them to talk about their house in a different way. Not just as a series of functional rooms, but as a vital part of who they are, a tangible translation of their personalities, their dreams, what they value in life. Anyone can live in a pretty house, but the real joy comes from living in a home that is truly you. Your sanctuary, your haven, your home. A place where one is truly oneself, where the door can literally be closed to the outside world with its clamor and discord.

As Edward now chooses which of his favorite spots to nap when he’s sleepy, gets a drink of water from his own china bowl when he’s thirsty, or hops up in his favorite chair to while away an afternoon, he is at home, and he knows it. His home. His place of belonging. The street outside seems so far away from in here.
It’s a nice feeling, for both of us.

“There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits”
Robert Southey


  1. How incredible to be able to provide a real "home" for another creature. Nnothing else feels so good to give, I suppose, unless you're talking about giving birth.

    I'm so happy for both you and for Edward. You seem like a match made in heaven.

  2. It's heartbreaking to think that your special dog was once homeless and on the streets, unloved and unknown by you. How incredibly fortunate that his life turned around and he was rescued! He has such an adorable face...really sweet. I want to shower him with hugs and kisses!

    This was a very touching post. You've summed up home, alright. Be it ever so humble...

  3. Oh I love this Edward story. I wish I could take all the homeless pets and give them a place to feel safe and loved. But it's something that we ALL have to loving furr ball at a time! Edward is one lucky dog!

  4. What a beautiful story.

    Our Muffin, who has since passed many years ago, had a favorite chair.
    It was the couch. She was no fool.
    It was all hers. She even displayed a dead bird she dragged in right there when she was a pup. :)

  5. Last autumn, I took in a little Lhasa Apso that literally came to my door and whined to come in. She was mucked up and tangled and starving. Due to my work schedule, I couldn't keep her, but found her a home within a couple of weeks. Didn't make it any easier to let her go. The irony? She was taken in by relatives of the family that had tried abandoning her on the streets three times. Three times. The third time, she didn't return home but wandered to my door. God's mysterious ways.

  6. I have long figured this is why Moby so hates the car, but is pretty calm as long as we are on our way BACK. I always tell him we will never leave him.

    His first owner left him, at two years old, in the shelter where we found him.

  7. Dear Pamela, I'm wiping away the tears. I'm so glad Edward has finally found the security of a loving home. His own place, his own chair, his own special china bowl. Dogs understand the importance of home and the importance of the pack. We can learn so much from these sensitive souls! I'd like to link this special post on my sidebar. You have summed up the meaning of home beautifully.

  8. Lovely post. Hug that dog for me! Our lab of the past 5 years is also adopted - and the main companion of my son who just graduated from high school and will be leaving home shortly. I am not looking forward to the doggy-depression that is going to follow...

  9. Thank you for stopping by. Edward is beautiful and what a lovely story. I could not agree more with you...Home, such a comforting place
    Carol x

  10. Its a cruel word..homeless..Ever sinds I was little I am giving shelter to homeless cats,dogs ,birds etc.This I "learned"from my mother.We often went for long walks together in the country and many times we found stray cats or dogs.Then we would come home with, as my father put it"another creature".Now my daughters are 'collecting' annimals to! .At one point we had in our house ,5 dogs, three cats ,3rabbits,a bird and a hamster.I miss those days.)Now there is Mr Bee ,and sometimes a homeless "creature"to find a home to...
    Edward is a lucky Guy in every way..

  11. We had to leave our little dog when we went to France, it is possible to have a dog passport but expensive and awkward. Fortunately we have dog loving friends who adore our dog and he goes into their house with a wagging tail and settles himself on the window ledge. When we take him home he is delighted in the way you describe, running about, sniffing everywhere. Our house does not feel like a home without him, it is amazing what difference his little presence makes.

    Edward looks adorable, how could anyone turn him out?

  12. They say that Home is where the heart is and looking at those perked ears, sweet attentive eyes and wonderful place to lounge, I'd have to say that Edward is where he belongs in your home and heart.
    In the words of Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz "there's no place like home, there's no place like..."
    xo Susan

  13. Now who is the King of the Castle.... Well we already knew that Edward was, with is own crest and everything. Heres to the King.
    Glad to hear that Edward found a truly loving home.
    My pound puppy,(well he was 2 when I got him) Pepper was named so as he had to be pepper sprayed in order to be caught by the "dog catcher' He's been a bit of a wayward mutt but now has a stable home and is well loved. He's a Black labxblue heelerx? He's great fishing dog too!
    We love him and Rocky our rescue greyhound. They are our 'kids' so to speak.

  14. and he, I'm sure, has become your home.
    Dog love, it's the best.

    xo S. woof Miss D.

  15. Dear Pamela and Edward,
    I'm so glad you found each other.
    Fate is kind sometimeas.
    Our Franz Josef (after the Austrian emperor) so named for hie good manners, came to us starved and emaciated to blossom into a most wonderful companion/protector imaginable. Our son trained him, I nursed and fed him, but our daughter was his favourite person.
    10 years after he joined the great white German Shepherd in the sky, the parcel postman still left a note in the letter box that no one had been home!
    Franz was the gentlest dog imaginable.

    Love your welcome to my birthday month. I'm a northern hemisphere girl banished to the antipodes filled with nostalgia for autumn.

    Love Arija

  16. Nothing like a wonderful dog to turn a "house" into a "home". Your Edward story was lovely!

  17. And until Trudy came to live with us in England, it didn't feel like "home" here either.

    Very handsome photo of Edward!

  18. What an adorable photo of Edward!
    Thank you for giving Edward a true "home."

  19. Edward is one blessed doggie to have such a wonderful place to call Home.

    As Mary Engelbreit would say, "Home is where the heart is".


  20. So wonderful that Edward knows he has his own real home now. I can't imagine how it would feel to be constantly shuttled from one home to another, never knowing if he would stay or go.

    Edward is so lucky to have found you!

  21. So happy Edward found you Pamela Terry!

    My cat was also shuffled around quite a bit by his first owner as she had just acquired a boyfriend who was deathly allergic to cats. He was so sad and depressed and she finally realized she needed to find a permanent home for him. I was so happy to welcome him into our home and he is now so attached to me and so loving. I could not imagine my home without him and just like in life sometimes it takes a few attempts to find ours soul mate so it can be with pets!

  22. The thought of poor Edward thinking he was off to another home is so sad but now he knows he is staying where he belongs. Lucky Edward!

  23. Edward is a very blessed dog.

    Yorkshire has miles and miles of underground caves. A greatplace for caving a pot holing. Later in my tour you can see a beautiful cave, 50 ft deep.
    Thanks for visiting.

  24. Pamela, this is a lovely post. Edward is a lucky boy, I'm sure he knows it too!
    Our house doesn't seem like home without a dog, seems I can't live without one!

  25. Thank you for adding me to your favourite locales. I am honoured! Edward is such a lucky gentleman to have found a loving and appreciative home. And you are lucky to have him.

  26. I am glad Edward's story has a happy ending. He has definitely chosen the most comfortable armchair to sit on. I love my home and who shares it. x

  27. Edward looks quite regal sitting in his chair! I'm glad he found a home!

  28. What a cutie and such a sweet story! I love dogs and cats too!

    thanks for your comment to!


  29. I am in total agreement with Edward....home is one of the sweetest words in the English language or any language for that matter....

    I love home and always look forward to being home. I'm always so glad to get back home after a trip that I'm glad I went!

    How fortunate for Edward and you that you have each other...

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on 'angels watching over us.'

  30. Ah such a lovey post and what a sweet dog. I too have a rescue dog whom I adore - I feel priviledged to share my home with him as he is genuinely grateful for the life he now enjoys.
    Give Edward a hug from me!

  31. lovely - so happy for you and Edward.

  32. I love this story! We went away this last weekend and had to leave our Aussie at a kennel. When my husband brought him home, I was heartbroken to see him sticky and matted with the smell of urine all over his coat. It looked like someone had sprayed out his "cage" with him still in it. It took me an hour to brush him out, and he was just miserable. WHen I took him to our favorite groomer the next day, you have never seen such a happy dog to get clean. He was pulling on the leash to get in their door. I know they must treat him with loving care there. He was so happy when he got home, he had a big smile and was wiggling all over ( he doesn't have a tail). Dogs really have such strong feelings that they wear on their "sleeve"...perhaps this is why we love them so.

  33. What a wonderful story! "Home" is the best.

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  34. Lovely lovely lovely.

    Thank you-

  35. He's adorable!!!!! and yes, there's no place like home!
    Thanks for adding me to your favorites.
    Have a good weekend :) x

  36. Not only does Edward look relaxed and at home, he is simply beautiful. Wonderful post.

  37. Eward is stunningly cool.
    Our animals used to sit in front of the fire and occasionally (in spite of the fire guard) get sparks on them........

  38. What a handome fellow Edward is! I really enjoyed your wonderful writing in this post as always.


  39. Edward, dat iz a berry nice chairie thingie. Do ur hoomin bean ebber takez it awayz from u like my hoomin bean sometimes makez me move?

  40. How beautifully written and so true.

    My parents have two Wheatens, and they are truly delightful. I can imagine the joy Edward brings to your life, and I'm glad that you've brought him the comfort of "home."

    Thank you too for your sweet comment on my blog.

  41. Swalowing hard here...poor litle boy. But thankfully he has got his just rewards with you, to make up for such a difficult start in life.

  42. What an absolutely beautiful and heart-warming post. Lucky Edward:)

  43. Hi, Edward and Pamela
    We're returning your visit. What a lovely post - Tessa Buttons agrees with every word and *tail-wags, big-eyes* thinks Edward is stunning.
    Pat thinks he's stunning, too.

  44. How appropriate...We've been watching Homeward Bound on Hallmark today:-)...How could anyone not love a face like Edward's? What a sweetie...

  45. Edward is such a perfect name for this boy - he looks so regal and reminds me of Edward the VII. Perhaps you need a "Lillie" too.


  46. Such a delicate, touching story.. You present your writings so well.. They are a pleasure to read.

    ...Even a hermit wants to belong... sometimes... My dogs certainly aren't hermits though.. They are ready for attention at the drop of a hat!!!

    All of our dogs (mixed breed, all different)were second or third-hand dogs. We were so happy to have them come and live with us out in the country where they can run and bark and play and drag big bones around... They are great friends!!!

    so glad you two found such good friends in each other..


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