Monday, July 7, 2008

The Summer Cold

In the opening scene of the classic film, The Philadelphia Story, the divine Cary Grant cups his hand over the face of the equally divine Katharine Hepburn and unceremoniously pushes her to the ground. In a figurative sense, and minus the divinity of either Cary or Katharine, that is exactly what happened to me on Friday. I was pushed to the ground by that bane of the holiday months, the summer cold. Now to be sure, colds are nasty little fiends anytime, but it seems the summer ones are worst. The small comforts that are afforded one by the winter cold - the hot soups, the warm blankets, the fleecy robes - well, those just seem frightfully uncomfortable in the hot heat of a fourth of July weekend.
Unsuspecting, and with my guard down, I suppose, I quite suddenly noticed the tell-tale signs on Thursday night. The oh, so prophetic scratchy throat. Sure enough, by Friday, I had begun to feel as if there were little weights around my ankles and wrists along with invisible hands persistently pushing down on my shoulders, and there was no doubt as to what was in store for my next couple of days. Grateful that no serious
responsibilities lay whinging on my doorstep for the weekend, I decided to take the advice I would give to someone else, and rest. So, I donned my favorite pair of white cotton men’s pajamas, complete with my monogram on the pocket, I put my hair up, fluffed up my feather bed, and crawled between lavender scented sheets. With a vase full of gardenias on the bedside table, and Edward keeping solemn watch, and frequently dozing, by my side. For his part, the devoted Edward did not mind a couple of quiet days, it is too hot outside for his liking anyway.
I can report that there are certainly worse things than drifting hazily in and out of sleep for a day or so. And the prescription seems have worked like a charm, for I do feel so much better.


  1. I'm glad your summer cold is on the way winter cold (we're in winter here in Peru) is ever so slowly moving on, but not fast enough to keep me from feeling miserable. In fact, right now I feel pretty much like crap. A kiss to Edward and may your summer cold never return to you.

  2. So glad you are feeling better!

  3. You are so right. Summer colds are the worst! I was perfectly healthy all winter long and then caught the worst cold in May. Icky.

    My favorite jams are white cotton men's style, too. They should do the trick! ;) Hope you're up and about very soon!

  4. Pamela, your recipe for convalescence sounds superb. This is a rest-cure bar none! I especially like the lavender scented sheets. By the way, may I recommend Vicks vapo-rub as a universal cure-all?

  5. Kathleen...I have never felt envy for anyone sick with a cold, but your descriptive words of white men's pajamas...crawling between lavender scented sheets...a vase of Gardenias on bedside table...all created a heavenly image...I'm quite happy you are on the mend :)

  6. Colds are a nuisance, but what a good excuse for some much needed r&r! Hope you get lots of it.

  7. Pamela, feel better soon and anything with lavender has my vote for a perfect remedy...

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  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Glad you are feeling better. The same nasty cold got me also. Ugh, I still have some symptoms 3 weeks later!

  9. Are you still dreaming of the Scotttish Highlands as you convalesce? Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. The town pictured is Plockton in Scotland. We fell in love with many towns, avoiding the big cities, concentrating on Inverness and losing ourselves in the Highlands. Strathcarron also holds a fond place in our hearts.I'm glad you are feeling better. I've enjoyed scrolling back through your posts. I used to be a radio copywriter too (a long time ago)Edward, by the way, is a beautiful boy isn't he!

  10. Thanks so much for taking a visit to my blog...what a lovely space you have created here!
    Hope your cold is gone and you are feeling better. I'll be back to visit, I feel like I'm very welcome here!

  11. Sorry you have been ill, Pamela, but good for you - you take good care of yourself. If we don't pamper ourselves.... what the heck!

    Of course Edward was a doll. The painting you posted today says it all: a lady's best friend. We are so lucky.

  12. I can think of no one who has a summer cold with such elegance!

    It reminds me, too, that my lavender is blooming and that its harvest is at hand.


  13. Summer colds are the worst. Hope you're feeling better by now. I think I might have to get me a pair of those pajamas. THye sound so cusy!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  14. Yes, been there too! My remedy is mega doses of vitamin c and lots of sleep. Unfortunately Trist and Gal are not as considerate as Edward. They insist on their early morning walks. Talking about being pushed to the ground - I took my car for a service last week and when I walked into the workshop to view it, I slipped on the greasy floor and went down flat. Anyhow, I obviously have good bone density at 57 years as I rose from that undignified postition unhurt. Get better soon. Love Eleanor

  15. Ahhhh, somehow you make a cold sound glamorous and restful and wonderful.

    How do you do that? ;)

  16. Hello Pamela & Edward!

    It's was so nice to read some of your blog today. I read Willow's recommendation to visit you awhile ago, but the holiday kept me a little busy to stop by until now.

    Your writings are so wonderful to read! I shall visit regularly from now on.

    I hope your cold is completely gone! I hurt my hip exercising recently and I, too, have had to slow down a little. It was nice to catch up with sleep and reading though.

    Best regards, Pat

  17. Summer colds are especially horrid aren't they?I'm glad you are feeling better, Edward is obviously a very good nurse. Love the picture at the beginning of your post - I only wish I looked like that when I have a cold:)

  18. Thanks for stopping by. Edward is a cutie - although mabye I should think of a more manly way to describe him:-)

    Hope that cold is gone!

  19. "So, I donned my favorite pair of white cotton men’s pajamas, complete with my monogram on the pocket, I put my hair up, fluffed up my feather bed, and crawled between lavender scented sheets."

    Ah, but what a lovely leisurely moment that sounds like. I do hope your cold is completely gone now.

    Gorgeous pic, btw.

  20. Summer cold`s are not nice! I love this picture and Edward is absolutely adorable!!!! I`m glad you came to visit so I was able to discover your blog :)


  21. I'm glad you're feeling better. The way you put it, with the inviting bed and Edward at your side, it almost sounds delightful!
    Hopefully you've said goodbye to colds for the summer!

  22. How wonderful to have Edward there by your side to see you through your summer cold. Slipping in between lavender scented sheets sounds just about right for now! It is just too awefully hot to do anything else.

  23. I've never known anyone to recover from a cold in such luxury! Makes one long for the onset of perhaps just a touch of a summer cold.

    Feel better soon!

  24. Oh that sounded blissful - well, other than you being poorly of course! So sorry to hear you have been ill Pamela and I hope you areover it now, but I so love the sound of the freshly scented sheets and resting quietly! xx

  25. Pamela, I’m happy to find your blog too but sad to find you sick in bed. I hope you feel better soon. A summer cold always sounds like an oxymoron.

    Lovely paintings – they make me think back to another era or fairytale illustrations. Nice to find another artist and dog/book lover in cyberspace. I’m just like you in “Worth Staying Up For.” Don’t let me near another book or blog – I should pack!

  26. AM so glad you are feeling better:-) and as this is my first visit to your lovely blog I would just like to say your pooch sitting with you in your picture there is nothing short of spectacular!!!

  27. I would imagine being pushed down by Cary Grant would be ever more delightful than a summer cold; even so, you seem to have weathered your cold in wonderful style. Glad you're feeling better!

  28. Just popped by to thank you for visiting my blog (devotees of the sublime Leonard are always welcome!)
    What a magnificent picture you have used to illustrate this post - I love it.

  29. Here via an Avus recommendation.
    Love your blog and this particular image. Our house is ruled by a four legged creature too! Bryn (the Bold), an Australian Cattle Dog.

    Summer colds are terrible are they not? All that glorious weather outside and you have to stay in. But, I think you looked after yourself.

    Bryn waves a friendly paw to Edward.

  30. are a born author, aren't you....I've never heard a cold described so deliciously! And I LOVED Philadelphia's one of my very favorite movies. Have you seen "High Society"'s the same movie but made with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra? It is not NEARLY as good as Philadelphia story...and yet..Grace Kelly is divine!


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