Monday, June 23, 2008


Unexpectedly and without prediction, it rained last night. For someone like myself, living in a area dealing with drought, and with all these thirsty hydrangea bushes on my conscience, it was a wonderful gift. It was also that kind of rain that makes you want to wake up, fluff the pillows behind your back and read by candlelight. You know the kind.... distant thunder, occasional room-illuminating lightning and hard, steady drumbeats of raindrops on your bedroom roof. So that’s what I did, and I finished a wonderful book, The House At Riverton, by Kate Morton. Perfect choice for such a night. Then I just lay there and listened, relishing the sound. I was reminded of this quote from Gertrude Jekyll whose garden had also been enduring a drought. It seemed to suit perfectly.

“.....But last evening there was a gathering of grey cloud, and this ground of grey was traversed by those fast-travelling wisps of fleecy blackness that are the surest promise of near rain the sky can show. By bedtime rain was falling steadily, and in the night it came down on the roof in a small thunder of steady downpour. It was pleasant to wake from time to time and hear the welcome sound, and to know that the clogged leaves were being washed clean, and that their pores were once more drawing in the breath of life, and that the thirsty roots were drinking their fill. And now, in the morning, how good it is to see the brilliant light of the blessed summer day, always brightest after rain, and to see how every tree and plant is full of new life and abounding gladness; and to feel one’s own thankfulness of heart, and that it is good to live, and all the more good to live in a garden.”
Gertrude Jekyll 1843-1932
from a 1900 issue of Home and Garden.


  1. How I love the sound of a surprise rain shower!

  2. I can smell the rain, feel the damp air and hear the pelts on the roof. Ahh.

  3. i love a good rain. especially if i'm (a) sitting on the enclosed porch, reading, or (b) about to drift off to sleep.

    the dogs do not care for it, though, if there's thunder. poor riley quakes in the bathroom.

  4. Drought? I can't see we have had rain every single day for the past couple of weeks. Not all day steady drizzle, but sun, then downpour, then sun again...and sometimes both at the same time! (Sunshower). The garden is drenched...its a good feeling to know the thirsty earth and plants are having a good long cool drink....

    I'm glad it rained where you are.

  5. Rain? Oh my, its been so hot here, in the 100s, I wish it would rain here! We have had a heat spell here in Southern California where we are not use to it being that hot! I just love when it rains. Send some this way!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet message, Buster and Buck sends wet kisses to Edward.
    love, Ann

  6. Beautiful thoughts and imagery of rain. Glad you had your much needed storm, that you could feel safe inside and enjoy your book.
    Flowers look more beautiful watered by rain than just plain water don't you think?
    Enjoy your new day!

  7. I miss the big, dramatic rains. Here in England, we get misty rains, sometimes rain with hail. Infrequently we get a roll of thunder. But yes, how lovely to tuck in under the blankets and read on such a night!

    Your paintings are beautiful, by the way!

  8. I'd love to take credit for the painting, but that's Maxfield Parrish's April Showers. I think it's one he did for a magazine...maybe Collier's.

  9. I love the scent that an overnight rain leaves behind. It's so nice to wake up to a world refreshed and quenched. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. I'll be back to visit yours again.
    ~ Lynda

  10. Pamela, I love your website and your writing. For a moment I could close my eyes and imagine enjoying a good summer rain. Thank you for sharing the title of your book. Some of my best summer escapes are with a good book.

  11. Gertrude Jekyll, my most favourite gardener. I have two roses named after her, deep magenta pink and with a glorious perfume.
    Thank you for your visit to France!

  12. What a wonderful blog you have. I love what you wrote about staying up and listening to the storm - absolutely beautiful. I feel guilty for the series of thunderstorms we've been having in the Northeast - although we had such a harsh winter that the hydrangea bushes died back to the ground and there will be no blooms on lasts years wood this summer. I will check back to see what you are up to!

  13. I love Gertrude Jekyll - she was brilliant, wasn't she? A gardener and a writer. I've never visited her gardens in reality, only in books, but they are beautiful.

    Rain? There has been so much rain here, I haven't had to water yet this spring. My garden is thriving like mad because it has good drainage, but the farmer's fields are water logged, and many fruit crops have been ruined. No such thing as global warming? Hah! Winter was so difficult, I lost two of my antique roses.

    Your blog is lovely, I so enjoy visiting. And Edward? What a doll!


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