Sunday, March 27, 2016

For Easter

by Mary Oliver

is the instructor.
We need no other.

Guess what I am 
he says in his 
incomparably lovely

young-man voice.
Because I love the world
I think of grass, 

I think of leaves
and the bold sun, 
I think of the rushes

in the black marshes
just coming back
from under the pure white

and now finally melting 
stubs of snow.
Whatever we know or don’t know

leads us to say; 
Teacher, what do you mean?
But faith is still there, and silent.

Then he who owns 
the incomparable voice
suddenly flows upward

and out of the room
and I follow, 
obedient and happy.

Of course I am thinking
the Lord was once young
and will never in fact be old.

And who else could this be, who goes off
down the green path, 
carrying his sandals, and singing?

Happy Easter to All!

painting above by Jean Francois Millet
Mary Oliver's latest book of wonderful poems, HERE


  1. Oh, this is lovely. I don't have Mary Oliver's latest book of poetry, but if this is a sample, I'll be getting it.

  2. my beautiful, brilliant friend......xo

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  4. So very beautiful. Wishing you a joyous Easter and a wonderful summer.
    Love to your Husband, and Edward and Apple.

  5. Happy Easter to you, The Songwriter, Edward, Apple and all of your family and friend's. Have a lovely time Pamela. XXXX

  6. OH!
    walking with his sandals in his hand.
    there is none other quite like mary.
    thank you for this beautiful glimpse.
    and a joyous easter to you too dear pamela...
    AND to your chocolate and vanilla doggies and beloved songwriter!

  7. Thank you so much for this, a lovely gift on Easter day.

  8. Beautiful Pamela. Happy Easter to you and yours!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  9. Lovely poem. I hope your Easter was a happy one!

  10. A belated happy Easter to you too, Pamela!


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