Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Holiday Chaos... and a Special Shopping Present

Happy Holiday Chaos, and a Special Shopping Present

Like Mrs. Dalloway, I bought the flowers myself.  Crowds whirled and spun around me, their voices blending and melding into one rollicking song, but I stood still in a circle of quiet, considering my choices.  The lilies called up Summer, the tulips spoke of Spring.  Both inappropriate for the clear cold day called Thanksgiving.  But then I saw the roses.  Dressed in scarlet with the tips of their petals changing over to peach, they echoed all the beauty of this season just beginning.  I scooped them up by the armload. Bringing them home, I laid them on the kitchen counter and looked around.  Could I possibly bring everything to order in time for the guests to arrive?  

The House of Edward has been steeping in chaos for the past few weeks.  The builders are here, bringing one of my more eccentric ideas to fruition as they create a birdhouse-like screened porch off our bedroom.  There are antique stained glass casement windows for the new, curved, windowseat in the bedroom and a screened breezeway that leads to the porch.  A light in the octagonal cupola will illuminate the blue green glass inside it; a beacon for a fairytale place.  The back garden has been wiggly with workmen for weeks.  With guests arriving and sweet potatoes cooking, dogs to be walked and wreaths to be hung, I should, rightfully, be an blithering mess.  But no, I love all this.  The more the merrier.  I guess it’s just this time of year.

It is perhaps an inherited trait that I love the holidays as much as I do; both my parents did as well.  Though my father was never a fan of shopping during other times of the year, when he shopped for my Mother at Christmas - taking me along as his sidekick - he had a ball.  I was in charge of advice…“Would she like this?”, he’d ask, holding up a jacket or blouse.  “Ummm, I think she would”, I’d say, and he’d head to the counter with a grin on his face.   I was also given the job of wrapping all the gifts we purchased, a task that remains one of my favorites to this day.  My Mother began baking in November and continued till New Year’s Day.  A visitor could smell the cinnamon and chocolate from the driveway.  I packed untold tins of fudge and bags of sugar cookies, always sneaking a few choice bites for myself.  There was plenty of chaos then too, and I loved it all.

Here in the states the festive season starts with a day of Thanksgiving, which I find most appropriate.  I am thankful for so much, particularly the two people who so enjoyed this time of year.  They will be in my heart today as The Songwriter and I, along with Edward and Apple, head out to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Then it’s cocoa and pumpkin pie for the workmen outside, wrapping a few presents, addressing a few cards, finishing a few handmade gifts, warming up the mulled wine, with carols and a crackling fire in the background.  Oh yes, much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for you, my readers, as well.  For over six years now you have continued to read and comment as well as write me the sweetest, most interesting letters.  You have made me feel that I have so many intriguing friends now, from all over the world.  As I write my favourite posts of the year - my lists of books to give for Christmas -  I’d like to share a special gift for my special readers.   Until midnight on Monday, December 1st, if you purchase a copy of the book, From The House of Edward, you’ll receive one extra to give away as a gift.  Two for one.  
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to All!  
Find the book HERE.

My Parents
New York City,  sometime in the late 90's


  1. Pamela, I am not surprised to hear about your beautiful holiday. Hope to see all the remodel too. My son, who did not get to come home for Thanksgiving, sent my daughter a text, "is Mom crabby yet?" It is just so much work getting ready and all the cooking (and an upcoming eye surgeries for my weenie, Sister, who has suddenly become blind) all make for a kind of hardship at Thanksgiving. It upset me that he thought I'd be crabby. I am mulling over going to their houses for Thanksgiving from now on. What a difference it would make for me and they would remember a smiling, relaxed and unstressed Mom/grandmother from now on. Problem solved.

  2. How wonderful to indulge in adding a little fantasy to your house. Your window seat, stained glass, porch, cupola - all sound delightful. I, too, have lots of ideas, pins, and sketches of additions I'd like to make to our cabin, and I'd love to imbue a bit of fairy tale atmosphere as well. Since moving here full time this summer, we are a bit cramped for space - thus my endless ideas for additions - but I've yet to find the motivation to attempt it. So much purging, painting, and polishing, not to mention repairs, to our vintage house of twenty-seven years before selling it and moving to our mountain cabin that I haven't yet felt like tackling the addition. But looking out the window and seeing fairy dust (tiny snow crystals) glinting and dancing in the sun with the blue mountains for backdrop makes me feel like I'm living in a storybook already. I can now put out a bird feeder without worrying about the bears. And I did find a Gaudi- inspired antique Spanish crystal chandelier with a wonderful patina to add a bit of rustic elegance to the log cabin. I just need a room for all my books which languish in a rented storage unit. Dreaming . . .

    It was a very quiet Thanksgiving here with just my husband and me. Had to cancel our son and daughter-in-law coming at the last minute because the steep, curvy mountain road just got too icy. (They live down in town where the roads were fine.) It's a different world on the mountain top!

    Your celebrations of the holiday sound like how they're meant to be: full of beauty, yummy food, thoughtful gifts, joy, delight, and happy memories.

  3. P.S. Seeing your mother's leopard print gloves/mittens, I can see from where you get some of your style. :-)

  4. Pamela, the photo of your parents is wonderful - beautiful smiles, and you can see the twinkle in their eye! I am so excited to be ordering your book and what a great surprise to get another copy for free. You are very generous - thank you! Here is wishing you continued enjoyment of the holiday season and your new building project~

  5. They are Lovely.... such a happy photo! I am Thankful for you as Friend, even though I'm a rogue and didn't make the fete. You make me feel the seasons and holidays so much more intensely. You heighten all you touch! Magic you are!

  6. LOvely...........bring on the Holidays!!

  7. Hi Pamela!!!!

    How beautiful you describe all that's going on in you beautiful home!!! Your new addition captivates me and I know, that would be where you would find me, nice and cozy reading you wonderful book!!!! Love the picture of your mom and dad....Beautiful!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  8. It's me again!!!! I'm so very excited.......I ordered your beautiful book!!! I can't wait!!!!!

  9. Thank you for your lovely words. If I ever feel a little lost (empty nest and missing a dear mum), I turn to your blog – it always gladdens my heart and makes me smile. Your words paint such lovely pictures and I feel restored. A haven of kindness and positivity. Bless you.

  10. I assume the photograph and of the Songwriter and you - I do hope so as you both look so very happy.
    I love the whole season too and after going through my blog I shall make my mincemeat for pies at Christmas. Do you have mincemeat in the US?

    1. No Pat, that's my parents.
      About 20 years ago.

  11. i treasure my little book " from the house of edward " . . . it's so pretty too. i like looking at edward's face under the lamp as he sits by my coffee cup in the early mornings! i think of what you write as little ' word vignettes. ' i like that better than "essays!" LOLOL
    as usual . . . you create a glow of beauty here. your new home additions sound heavenly.
    i'm thankful for the lovely respite that is this house of edward. (and apple!) xoxo♥

  12. and oh! forgot ... the picture of your mom and dad is perfect. the christmas spirit just emanates! and the background ... ny... ♥

  13. Your new room off the master sounds just magical; you will enjoy it so much! I adore my Book "From the House of Edward" Pamela, thank you so much!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  14. Hello Pamela

    You sound frightfully busy and yet you seem to be enjoying it all. Your renovation sounds really interesting and I hope you will post images when complete.
    Wishing you the joys of the season

    Helen xx

  15. Your description of the season is so warm, cosy and so contented. Nice!

  16. I love that photo of your parents...pretty much the definition of joie de vivre... ;)

  17. They say great minds think alike .... my wish for my next life has long been a screened in porch where I can sit and read, day or night, even during a slow Southern shower, or listening to the birds chirping, and not have the skeeters eat me up. Your porch-to-be sounds divine. Lovely picture of Mom and Dad must bring back some great memories.

  18. You really are amazing! This is why I love you so much. And, that pic of the parents is so happy.
    Yep, deck them halls, light those candles, burn the fireplace and drink eggnog with bourbon when decorating ANYTHING !!

  19. Wish I were a mouse in a corner of your house during the holidays, Pamela! I'm trying to imagine your fairytale addition… Your followers are eagerly awaiting a peek when it's finished! I, too, loved the photo of your parents. I "embiggened" (a word a friend of mine coined) it and, sure enough, there you were! I saw you in your mom's smile and in your dad's eyes and cheeks!

  20. Oh Pamela,I dearly love your Christmas posts! The addition to your home sounds fabulous and I admire your sense of joy amidst all the chaos. But after hearing about your parents, it's easy to see where you got it. A wonderful photo of them at the end. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season! xx Sunday

  21. Your work is gorgeous, and I love the photo of your parents!


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