Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bits of Summer Afternoons

Bits of Summer Afternoons

When it comes to my writing, discipline is a garment I’ve rarely worn, preferring instead to rely on the less weightier components of creativity:  inspiration and caprice.    But I’ve been trying discipline on this summer and have found it to be, to my surprise, much less scratchy and uncomfortable than I’d originally thought.  My muse, forever flighty and untamed, has proven jealous of my new flirtation with discipline and has chosen to land on my shoulders whenever I give myself over to this sturdy friend, which has been both productive and delightful.  So I’ve spent a lot of this summer inside my own head which, as they share my reluctance to enthusiastically embrace the weather in July, has been just fine with Edward and Apple.  They have been happy to doze at my feet for hour on end, taking breaks occasionally to cut figure eights through the garden lest the chipmunks and squirrels take advantage in their absence. 

One cannot ignore a summer afternoon every day, however.  So we have ventured out on occasion and have found magical sights in every corner.  I thought I’d share a few of these with you.  So here’s a bit of our summer afternoons so far. 
We hope you are enjoying your days as much as we are.

Taking a Break to Sit in the Clover...

Surprise in a Garden....

A Blessedly Cool Day at the Beach...
A Huge Topiary Apple.....

and the Real Girl at the Seaside.

A New Addition to the Sidewalk Garden...

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Jumps Off the Canvas and Lands in a Garden...

The Fluffy Furry Summer Fellow...


  1. I just love that last photograph Pamela - it is perfect.

  2. I love it too! But I always love seeing you and Edward, and now Apple, as well.
    Yes, I understand about creativity and how flighty it can be. For me, I must be alone. Nothing happens otherwise.
    Then the ideas flow, the spark is ignited and it is wonderful. Silence and aloneness. xx's my friend...

  3. Oh Pamela the world is truly wondrous and we all need to take this time to discover the awesomeness that exists! Love the photos!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Your summer days look delightful!

  5. Thank you for sharing a few glimpses of your summer, Pamela! I had my own memorable summer moment this morning when I spotted a hummingbird nest in a cedar tree. (Wish I could say I "found" it, but a friend had told me of its exact location.) The only evidence of occupancy was two tiny beaks, thin as thorns, protruding upward from the nest. It was siesta time, and all was quiet. The babies will grow quickly and soon fledge. I hope to return at least once before that happens. It is a rare gift to find a hummingbird nest at eye level!

  6. What a lovely summer you've shared. I hope this discipline involves a new book for you (for your readers). :-)
    I cannot believe it's nearly August.

  7. The garden! Is that a public garden? Thank you from Liz in Cleveland Oh

  8. Yes, best to take breaks while writing on gorgeous days. The last photo says it all.

  9. I love the idea of your muse getting jealous of your discipline and interrupting you with creative ideas.
    I love the garden, too. The best place ever to take a break.

  10. I know so many people who do everything they can to avoid contemplation and relaxation. They work to fill every moment with running here and there, all the while losing their sense of self. Thank you for making me feel as though my approach, and the savoring of quiet times and thoughts, is okay.

  11. Pamela, you look so beautiful in that last photo with Edward.
    Where would you find a Humpty Dumpty like that. Is this your garden? yvonne

  12. Lovely way to spend your time, - memories to take into winter with you....

  13. Pamela,

    Your beautiful words and posts always bring a smile to my face.

    I love all of your summer snippets, most especially the Archimboldo!

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Wonderful photos! Looks like your afternoons off are delightful. Can't wait to hear about what you are working on!
    xx Sunday

  15. Pamela, you are looking so beautiful in last photo with edward.
    Where would you find a Humpty Dumpty like that.

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