Sunday, March 4, 2012

A March List... and a Giveaway From Edward

In Like A Lamb....

and A Giveaway From Edward

1. Juniper Moon Farms

As I write this, we are under the threat of tornadoes that have carved a path across the eastern part of the US with a fury and are currently lighting up our television screen with colours of red and fuschia. It looks to be a long night. Even so, I have to admit that March did come in like a lamb on Thursday. Warm, breezy, and most unusual for this time of year. And as it is time for one of my occasional, and rather eclectic, lists, I thought it would be appropriate to open with one of the most wonderful, and lamb-filled, sites I’ve found.

I recently came across Juniper Moon Farms via Twitter, and it has since become one of the sites I check into every single morning for a daily dose of sweetness. In search of a “more authentic life”, Susan Gibbs, (aka @ShepherdSusie on Twitter) left her job as a New York City network news producer to purchase a sheep farm. That’s the basic story but there is so much more. This wonderful web site is the perfect place for anyone who loves animals, knitting, gorgeous yarns, farm life, beauty, nature, photography ... I could go on and on, but you really should visit and discover Juniper Moon Farms yourself. They have a delightful daily blog and there is now a magazine in the works. I cannot wait for that.

Visit them HERE.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the list for March.

Oh, and be sure to read till the end.

Edward is conducting his very first giveaway!


2. Jubilee Scarf

How I would love to be in the UK this spring.

Not an unusual longing for me, it’s true, but this spring that longing is especially strong, for this is the spring of the Queen’s Jubilee, a celebration of her sixty years on the throne. Of course, this has to mean some fabulous shopping opportunities are out there. From books to tea towels, candy tins to dinner plates.

For myself, the moment my plane landed, I would head straight over to the Victoria and Albert and snatch up one of these fabulous scarves.

Designed by Laura Berens, this lovely scarf manages to be both nostalgic and modern at the same time.

I’m crazy about it!

Find it HERE

3. Kitchen Dancing

There is always music playing in my kitchen.


I cook to music. We eat to music.

Even when we leave the house, classical radio is left on for Edward and Apple and I have absolutely no doubt it contributes greatly to their calm, companionable personalities.

With so much music playing, is it any wonder The Songwriter and I often dance in the kitchen? Surely we aren’t the only ones.

This tea towel is perfect for us.

Find it HERE.


4. Finally!

I stopped taking the Oscar awards seriously the year Meryl Streep failed to win best actress for the movie, Ironweed. Her performance in that film just devastated me with its truth and compassion and I was aghast when she was left sitting in her chair watching Cher accept the award. My shock continued year after year as, once again, the statue was handed to another. Was there any other actress who brought Lindy Chamberlain to life as she did in Cry in the Dark? Sister Aloysius in Doubt? Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada? Such marvelous work, but still no Oscar win. I do believe she is taken for granted by Hollywood. Just imagine if an unknown actress had played Julia Child the way she did in Julie and Julia. Why, that actress would have been hailed as a genius with an Oscar in her hand for certain.

So it was with low expectations I heard Colin Firth call out the roster of Best Actress nominees last Sunday night.

And it was with a tear in my eye that I watched Meryl Streep accept her first Oscar in twenty-nine years.


5. Traveling With Dogs

As The Songwriter knows all too well, I am someone who deplores election years. The malicious negativity, the patronizing that insults my intelligence at every opportunity, the sheer shrillness of it all simply sets my teeth on edge. Here on this blog, my own little corner of the world, I usually choose not to cover such things.

So at present I’d rather not discuss the candidate who promised to put a colony on the moon by the close of his second term, a vow that managed to embrace both idiocy and arrogance in one fell swoop. Nor do I wish to consider the candidate who declared, quite chillingly, that the separation of church and state makes him “want to throw up”.

But I am prepared to take serious issue with the chap who considered it appropriate to strap the family dog to the roof of the car for a twelve hour trip from Boston to Toronto. When the dog understandably became ill during the journey, this prince of a man simply pulled the car into the next gas station, where he hosed off both car and dog, and put the poor creature right back up on the roof. Although this candidate has told the press that he sent the dog to live happily ever after on a farm, his own sons told the press that, in fact, it ran away upon arriving in Canada after that fateful journey. Trust me, I would have run away too.

This is utterly horrifying to me and tells me absolutely everything I need to know about this man.

For reference, this is how the family dog should travel in a car.....


6. Downton Withdrawal


It’s over.

For a whole entire year.

Whatever shall we do?

Perhaps these will help.

Find Them HERE.

7. Leonard Cohen

Be still my heart.

He’s back.

With a new CD called Old Ways.

Is there anything more to say?

Get it HERE

8. Ottoman

So you’ve finally bought that cottage at the beach. The one you’d always dreamed of. Set off by itself on a rise just beyond the dunes, its windows are always open to the wind off the Atlantic, its weathered wooden floors always slightly sandy. You’ve painted the sitting room Wimborne White and slipcovered the fat armchairs in heavy white linen. Across the chaise by the window there is a sunflower yellow shawl, as large as a bed sheet, that you knitted yourself. The shell lamps were made by a lady in town and their cream coloured shades are forever slightly askew, the result of the jostling they take when your two standard poodles play chase each other around the room. Over the fireplace hangs a portrait of your great aunt Lillian, the one who took a solo trip to Africa when she was seventy-eight years old. She is wearing a bright blue dress and holding her Cairn Terrier, Henry, in her lap. And in the center of the room, always at the ready to welcome a tea tray, or a pair of bare feet, sits this ottoman.

Find it HERE.

9. Stag Head

I am happy to go on record as saying that I simply do not understand hunting for pleasure. I’ve had hunters try to lessen my revulsion for this so-called "sport" by telling me of the exhilaration they feel being out in the wilderness, coming face to face with one of God’s grand creatures. But they always lose me when they get to the part where they shoot the animal between the eyes. Watching the life light drain from a magnificent animal holds no joy for me, quite the opposite. Likewise, seeing hunting trophies displayed on the walls of houses gives me the serious creeps.

Perhaps that is why I love this stag so very much.

Needlepointed and filled with whimsy, this Frederique Morrel creation is the only stag I would ever think of hanging on my wall.

I simply adore it.

See more of her amazing artwork HERE

10. Edward Presents Mr. Chewy

When we adopted Edward he had been on the streets for several months. Hard to believe, I know, and something we never discuss. I have no doubt those particular memories have evaporated for him anyway. He had a bit of a wonky tummy at first, the result of insufficient, and less that nourishing, food. So we made certain that he got the very best diet he possibly could and he was soon thriving. Both Edward and Apple eat really well, I’m happy to say. They deserve it, and a good nourishing diet makes such a difference in their health. I read food labels and make certain every thing they have, either for meals or treats, is as fresh and beneficial as possible.

That’s why Edward and I were so tickled when the folks over at Mr. Chewy contacted us to ask if we’d like to host a giveaway for their site. Everything they carry is good for your dog or cat. The best diets, the healthiest treats.... (Edward is particularly fond of the Dogswell Chicken Breast jerky with Flaxseed and Vitamins), plus all the best flea and tick treatments. And they’ll ship straight to your door.

Visit them HERE.

Mr. Chewy is generously offering a $50 gift coupon to one fortunate reader of From The House of Edward!

All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post. Even better, become a follower for an extra chance to win.

Edward and I will draw the winning comment on the night of the next full moon...

March 8th... at midnight.

Edward wishes you all good luck,

and a Happy Month of March!

Congratulations to Kay Furlong!
She's the winner of the Mr. Chewy giveaway.
Thanks to everyone for playing!


  1. Well this post made me smile for lots of reasons - especially for the dancing in the kitchen and leaving the kitchen radio on dance music for our Cairn Rory when we're out.
    Leonard Cohen - 41 years ago The Great Dane and I sat in a class room at Queen's University in Kingston, just feet away from him as he sang, accompanying himself on the guitar.

  2. ahh march the 8th at midnight... it won't be that time here, sounds mysterious.... not sure if i can be in this giveaway as i'm in australia? though i have been a follower for a long time. :)

  3. A Wonderful March list Pamela.... and what a generous boy Edward is... We shall have to wait until the full moon... xv

  4. have been a follower for quite a while now!! love it!!
    hugs.. Loui♥

  5. i too have rescues..3 felines to be exact! they are the most devoted and entertaining babies! love them dearly!!
    would love to be the winner of this awesome giveaway!!
    thanks.. and MEOWS!
    purr, purr..
    warmest hugs..

  6. What a mixed bag you've covered today!
    *Dancing in the kitchen (or anywhere else)....sigh....not in our house. The Big Guy will only dance under duress and the influence of alcohol!
    *Lovely photo of the ewe sheep and her new sheep (lol!). Must check out the farm blog.
    *What does one say to a Queen on the occasion of her Jubilee Year? Good job??? Keep it up?? :)
    *Although I have not seen her Oscar winning role, I's a travesty that wonderful Meryl has only two Oscars. She pretty much blows everyone else out of the water in film after film. I would kill for a tenth of her talent!
    *It may just be me (though I don't think so) but the mess that exists among the Republican party and its revolving door of potential candidates is the most terrifying election situation and group of candidates I have ever seen! There is not one of them that I would ever vote for for ANYTHING, much less the Presidency. Each has been worse than the one before. And the dog story?? Oh. My. God. That is the action of an insensitive, heartless, uncaring, villain with questionable sanity!! (Some how I had missed the story!) Putting someone of that ilk into the White House as President would be unimaginable. And all this emphasis on women and abortion, contraception, and such makes me feel we have fallen into a time machine stuck in reverse! Didn't we already fight that battle and win it(sort of)?? And then there is the whole conservative religious Right and their unbelievably frightening take on what people should or should not believe and behave! They are shoving it in our faces as though it were actually an appropriate platform issue! Who opened Pandora's box and let all these crazy fanatics out? I am seriously frightened for our country. Truly! It feels to me like we have been invaded by creatures from another dimension where rabid fanatacism is de riguer! And that makes just about as much sense as anything I've heard from any polititian in a long time! Why do the candidates pander to these people? I don't want to be representated by any elected official who cannot be reasonable, tolerant, open-minded honest and loaded with integrity! Haven't seen anybody like that around lately. Have you? usual I got carried away!

  7. I adore that stag's head Pamela - and how those figures to cut out and dress brought back memories of my childhood. Brilliant.

    Please do not include me in Edward's give away - I won your give away last time and have a beautiful handbag to prove it. I wouldn't like to be drawn out of the hat twice.

  8. I'm so glad I found your blog,I love reading your posts,youre sooo right about the queen's jubilee we are all looking forward to the celebrations,and as for the shops theyre full of lovely jubilee treasures Pamela.
    I TOTALLY AGREE with your comments about hunting,I just find it is so disgusting and sickening,I just don't get it.
    Hope you all keep safe
    XX Manda XX

  9. Fear not. I am told on excellent authority that another season of Downton is in the works.

  10. YO EDWARD!!!!!! OH you are a cute canine, and what a delight to see you dearest!!! AND DOWNTON husband bought the first two seasons on DVD and we were hooked EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the last week, watching about 3 episodes a night which is typically not my practice, but what a series! I have heard about all the tornadoes in your path and I am so concerned about all of you there; we have had the strangest weather and I wonder what will come of it for us during the warmer months when it is my region that usually gets this type of pattern. Be well, be safe, and thank you for your anniversary wishes! Anita

  11. Love at first sight.... dancing in the kitchen, music all the time? Lambs and kittens? You had me at hello....
    A delightful post down to the give away! Edward is a chum!
    WE love natural food for our dog as well, lets hope we will get lucky!

    Happy weekend!
    Count me in!

  12. Oh dear... my heart just sank reading the Romney dog story. Let's hope the poor dog found a wonderful, loving home after its escape - one that feeds him Mr. Chewey!

    I've been depressed before during elections, but it has really gotten so bad that I turn off the news every night after the headlines. Pretty much can;t listen or I will lose my sanity - apparently that is what has happened to all of them!

  13. Oooooh, that lovely sheep looks like a Romney; among my favorite and mostly what's in my pastures.
    Dog chews - let me tell you, Pamela, winning this would make my pack happy, happy, happy as well as myself. It's not easy tending to 5 dogs and 6 when Mr. Jake decides to come "home". He's been MIA for a couple of nights; perhaps his girlfriend is ready to breed again. I'm saving now to have him neutered, can't do anything about the bitch as she really does belong to someone else who, hopefully, spends money on dog food...I'm not really sure. That's the thing about living in rural areas; we're elbow to elbow with folks who have and folks who haven't and sometimes the latter break my heart with their decisions and lifestyle.
    Ah well, at least my animals eat well and healthfully; thank God!

  14. Oh Edward you are not only a faithful friend; so generous as well!!

    I love this post Pamela! You home is full of lightness and fun!

    Art by Karena

  15. Oh Edward you are not only a faithful friend; so generous as well!!

    I love this post Pamela! You home is full of lightness and fun!

    Art by Karena

  16. Pamela, a faithful Follower I am!

    Art by Karena

  17. I am a new follower who has just discovered your deightful blog. Edward and Apple are so beautiful. It is kismit that I found you today because my beautiful girl Penny, who looks like a big Yorkshire Terrier, and is 14 years old, is not well today. I needed a smile and Edward gave it to me.

    Thank you,

  18. Yes, we dance in the kitchen, as we always have music on, too. Our bull terrier is a rescue whose background sounds much like Edward's - except she was born deaf so she's different in many ways than any of our other dogs have been. Don't get me started on Romney (I assume you've joined Dogs Against Romney) or the other "candidates." A sad state of affairs which makes me glad I'm an expat. Speaking of which, this is just a comment, not an is too expensive for things to be shipped to Ireland were I to win.

    Fun post, Pamela, thank you.

  19. Edward is so sweet!

  20. I was at Fortnum and Masons yesterday, less than 24 hours after the Queen had inspected all the Jubilee goodies that went on sale. Pamela, I think you'd end up buying a second suitcase! I mean who knew you'd want a Musical tin of Jubilee biscuits that plays God save the Queen!!


  21. I really like the Juniper Moon Farms website. Thanks for the link. Stay safe during these terrible storms. I'm sure Edward will do his best to keep you from harm.

  22. I love to have music on too, but alas, my husband doesn't dance, so there's no dancing in the kitchen except when my grandsons visit. How can one resist dancing with a small grandchild?

    We have a Corgi who would love to order some things from My Chewy, so count us in!

    Your blog is delightful, always. ::Jill

  23. All 3 of our dogs had been abandoned. A lot of bad people out there for sure. We had horrible tornadoes last night here in Ky. Closest one was 15 miles away. So very, very sad for those who experienced it.

  24. well said pamela!
    and.......i concur; longing for england, love juniper farms, dance in the kitchen (but with my love, cooper the corgi) he gets the best in dietary grain free food by wellness which i am so excited that mr. chewy carries and delivers!
    oh and the politics........disgusting, i was not aware of the poor dog story. meryl, and do not even get me started on hunting!
    whew! wonderful post

  25. Great post - I concur with your list. My beautiful rescue dog Maddie would love some special treats. Even now she's watching me hopefully as I nibble on cheese and crackers.

  26. Dear Pamela,
    How wonderfully well you dispose of the wretched field of presidential (I don't think so!) candidates.
    I have an odd soft spot for Ron Paul who doesn't stand the least chance...he reminds me of Dopey or Sneezy or one of those characters. At least he thinks we should keep out of places where American values are not understood or asked for.
    Downton Abbey is much missed in this house too.
    The nice Mr.Chewy already sent Buster some goodies so hope the prize goes to someone deserving.

    Have a super weekend.

  27. I love your writing, your dogs and your lists! Kudos to you for sharing your thoughts on dogs riding on rooves of traumatic that must have been for the helpless dog....If a man can do that, he must not have a heart.....and then there's Bo! Treated like the gem he someone with a heart!!

    Kay @ HydrangeaHillCottage

  28. How sweet! I've always loved Edward! I even had a comment on one of my posts this week that said they loved my blog...especially Edward! I think they confused my blog with yours...which was a nice compliment! ♥

  29. I'm a follower, too! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  30. Omigosh, Edward is beautiful. I was on Thistle Cove comments & suddenly ended up accidentally on your blog!! Verry interesting. I have a new puppy & could sure put it to good use if I would win your giveaway!!

  31. I already follow your happy I found you a few months ago. I find your writing so calming and, as a fellow dog owner, I enjoy the Edward and Apple stories! Thank you.
    Karen at Garden, Home & Party

  32. Sweet giveaway, my two girls would enjoy trying out Mr. Chewy!!! We've been following you for quite a while now! Your list today is most exemplary, the ottomon especially is just the ticket! As for Meryl Streep, such a gifted actress, I have loved her for so very long! By the way, I have been following daily Wilf the PONS....he is still hanging in, though I am not sure how much more this "family fellow" can endure. He and his family are much beloved by so many.

  33. Been thinking of you and the weather....hope you are dancing in the kitchen as it passes. Love your photo of Meryl Streep, I was also so glad she won!

  34. I too am experiencing Downton withdrawals *sigh* A lovely post Pamela - I adore reading about your favorite picks and of course, dear Edward. Already a follower and intend to stay that way!

  35. Beautiful flaxen haired Edward on the streets?? I cannot imagine!

    I was thrilled for Meryl, too!

  36. Your posts are always such an interesting, intelligent read Pamela...such a pleasure! Thank you.
    I know those perfect treats would make for a wonderful present when I go to meet my new Grandkitten - Henry. Eldest daughter has just adopted him. Like Edward, up until now his diet has been less than nutritional, but now that Lindsay has him in her loving care, it is only the best for him.

  37. I love, love, love the way you so beautifully summed up the prospective candidates! Well done!!

  38. Edward, you are a handsome dude! So is my corgi, Oliver; and my Hariat is very pretty...if we lived closer we would ask you on a playdate...I, a mere human, do love your blog (already subscribe) and enjoyed this post tremendously. Please enter our family in your contest.

  39. I love reading your posts, Pamela! Your writing is exquisite. And Edward is the man - handsome - and generous. I also adopted a wonderful dog who was abandoned on the streets of a near-by city. She's gained 30 lbs and looks beautiful. I think she and Edward would get along just fine. She'd love to win Edward's giveaway - more yummies for her tummy!

  40. I saved my visit to your post until last, Pamela, as there were so mamy wonderful places to investigate.

    I was amazed by the Frederique Morrel creations and yearn for the Princess Elizabeth scarf. Beautiful. Thank you for finding such lovely bits to share.

  41. Hello Pamela

    On learning of Edward's past, I would say he must feel like he won the lottery or that he is the King of the Castle.
    We purchases Season 2 of Downton and have been restricting our diet to one episode a night. Such great TV, one wonders why there are not more like this. If there were I suppose no one would blog.
    Edward's generous giveaway would be appreciated by Spice Girl.

    Helen xx

  42. The family guinea pig agrees on the dog issue and so do I.

  43. Great post! Please don't include me in the giveaway, I just wanted to say Hi and I completely agree!

  44. Love LOve LOve this one, Pamela... I too cannot see the "joy" in shooting animals, and I live in Montana where to say that is sacrelidge..As for the political farce that is playing...We are a sorry lot if any of them win anything.

    Thanks for the month of march list. Thanks for turning me on to the pon. All our animals are such precious beings. I can't imagine life with out.

  45. Lovely post! I went directly "there" and ordered Leonard Cohen's latest! Can't wait! A lovely giveaway! Tickled to enter! Thank you for hosting! Smooches to Edward!

  46. I have long been a follower of this blog!

  47. I've been following for quite awhile as we share the love of dogs and books and travel ... and now I feel envious because you have Susan and we USED to have her here in NYS!!!! Drat! Juniper Moon is sadly missed!
    My Harley would love to win.

  48. I have drifted in and out of your blog for sometime....but after reading about your blog in the Daily Telegraph (certainly did not sound like you Pamela one bit!!) thought I must pop in again.

    Downton Abby poof!! not sure if you can get 'Upstairs,downstairs' with the divine Jean Marsh who was in the first series? They have produced a new one much superior,and more true to the era.
    See what you think.

    Please do not enter me in the giveaway,hugs to Edward. Ida

  49. Ida, thanks for alerting me to The Telegraph article. What a treat! But they called me A GRANDMOTHER. Now that bolsters the old ego, I can tell you!!

  50. I love your lists Pamela...I make sure I can read them when I have time to spare as I do not want to miss a thing! As always, this was worth it. I so wish you were here for the festivities around the Jubilee. I am deep into a biography of Queen Elizabeth ll via CD and I know you would enjoy it. I would love to send it to you when I am done, if you think you would have the time to listen to it. :)
    As always, wishing you the very best and most happy of days and evenings..from rainy London
    Jeanne xx

  51. Dancing in the kitchen, treating the family dog with love and respect, and honoring our wildlife with artful representations...PLUS seeing the mention n the Telegraph! I enjoyed, and I am duly Impressed.

  52. i follow you because i find your writing enchanting and your love of life and the songwriter and edward and apple... well... like a twin of my own heart in values.
    i am having a visceral shaking reaction to reading about romney and that poor dog. oh dearest god, if you're there and if you even still care.. please deliver us from these idiots. i can't even think of a bad enough word to describe romney. or any of them really. i had not heard or read about that simply because i refuse to expose myself to it. it should be shown and reshown and told and retold, because it shows the measure of the man. just as you said.
    thank you for an enlightening post in all ways. always!
    tammy j

  53. Dearest Pamela,

    I agree with everything -- absolutely everything -- you have said. How could someone put a dog on the top of a car? I didn't know about the hosing off part. And, hunting for pleasure. . . I don't get it. I also find it "interesting" that those who take such joy in the "sport" always want to explain why to those of us who are appalled.

    I never talk about politics either, but you've said it all for me.

    You're the best, the very best.



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