Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Bed

In Bed

Someone tossed me a vile summer cold
and unfortunately, I caught it.
“Three days till you’re better”, was the old, tired-out line
and unfortunately, I bought it.
Now eight days have past
and I’m still here in bed.
Kleenex on my night table
Cool cloth on my head.
Trying to read,
the words swim on the page.
Trying to sleep,
my cough starts to rage.
Edward stays faithful -
at my side night and day
Not even a walk in the park after dark
could successfully tempt him away.
Soon ideas and bright colour
will return to my head,
but for now, please excuse me.
I've gone back to bed.

Do send me your favourite remedies for the dreaded common cold.
Anything short of rubbing duck fat on my chest, I just might try.


  1. When I have a cold, I just drink lots and lots -- water, lemonade and probably more cups of tea than are ideally good for me.
    Much empathy, as today I had a migraine headache that ruined the prospects of a delicious day in London.

    Hope you are better soon . . . and that you have a nice fat stack of books on the bedside table. xx

  2. Oh goodness; I would drink an herbal water over a little lemon verbena and mint to well~

  3. Dear Pamela, between your cold and my whooping cough, we seem to be blessed with afflictions.
    For nasty colds, there is nothing like the double whammy of Vick's Vapour Rub and a number of steaming mugs of Grog.
    The eucalyptus in Vick's helps you to breathe and smell nice anyway. Put a little directly under or in the nose. It it 'bites', thin it down with a little Vasaline. Vick's can also be rubbed directly on the chest.

    A teaspoon full of Vicks in a pot of boiling water, wrap a towel over your head and the pot and breathe the rising steam. The relief to the airways is remarkable, just keep your eyes securely shut or, even better, outside the towel , else they will sting.

    Sipping on mugs of steaming grog will serve a number of purposes. Here are the ingredients:

    very strong tea (very hot)
    juice of one or more lemons
    plenty of honey
    and a very generous splash of lightly warmed rum, cognac or whisky

    The alcohol kills the bugs, the lemon juice restores the Vitamin C the alcohol destroys, honey soothers the throat and tastes nice and the tea settles the tummy. All bases covered. It will also help you to glow ( horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies merely glow) and get rid of the associated fever.
    Even if it were not to help, it cannot harm and if you are sloshed enough, you will feel better anyway!

    I wish you a speedy recovery and commend you to Edward's tender loving care.

  4. sorry you're under the weather. In our home, Traditional Medicine's Echinacea-Elder tea is the cure-all, it really works. Mr.24 is ill right now and he's been drinking it before bed and it's allowed him to breathe and sleep peacefully (which has been a blessing for me as well). Also, there are some miracle homeopathic drops made by Complimentary Health Formula's called wonderfully enough, Cold & Flu Drops that work like a must get them from a physician though. You could check there website for one in your area possibly...they truly work.
    Oh yes...and my mothers chicken soup!
    Feel well soon....and bless dear Edward!
    xo J~

  5. Oh Pamela,
    Poor you....not nice at all !!
    I'm afraid, as you know, there are no cures for colds but, I think that plenty of fluids help.....and, patience !! I really hope that this comment finds you better. I can't imagine you being stuck in bed, but, at least you have your faithful Edward to keep you company and, I'm sure that The Songwriter is doing his bit !!
    Much love for a speedy recovery. XXXX

  6. Oh Pamela, so sorry about your summer afflication. I am with Arija and the steaming Grog, and hope you will soon be well.

  7. Oh Pamela,

    I am so sorry that you are feeling bad. I always drink lots of juice, or hot tea or even hot chocolate. Get lots of rest and read in bed. Take care of yourself.


  8. Oooooo, yucky! I hate colds, especially in the summertime! Time is the only remedy for a cold that actually works. I've always heard that a cold was "Three days coming, three days with you, and three days going." Sometimes it's just better to resign yourself to bed (and sleep)until it's gone.

    Go ahead and wallow in your misery, it's allowed! You're sick!

  9. Oh so sorry you are under the weather! It's been too long to try home remedies! YOu need to visit your friendly family dr. You just might need some medicaion! Or at the very least a good hand holding and a clean bill of health.
    I hope you feel more like yourself soon!

  10. Ginger root, lemon and honey.
    Take care.
    Tienes un acompañante maravilloso en Edward.

  11. I’ve got it too. sore throat, coughing, headache...crap and to get better fast. hope u do too. cw

  12. Macallan. 25 years old . No water. Guaranteed .

  13. I am saddened to hear that. Colds in the summer are horrible to have. I have no remedies other than plenty of rest, with a good book or two by your side

  14. An Indian powder called Asefeteda-mix in honey and take two to 8 teaspoons a day, drink miso broth with hajiki seaweed and carrot pieces in it. Keep resting. If you hit day 10 call a physician in case it's pneumonia (more common than you would think). May you be well soon.

  15. So sorry to hear you are ill, Pamela... but so glad that you have faithful Edward by your side :-) Rest up and give in until your body says it's time to get up - that's my remedy... I am sure you will be back to your usual self in no time at all :-) xx

  16. So sorry your cold is lasting such a long time Pamela. I don't think there is much of a remedy - hot water and lemon with honey to sweeten possible soothes the throat. Cheer yourself up by saying that by the time your body has fought off this nasty bug your immune system should be in high working order.
    Of course Edward is faithfully at your side - I knew he would be.

  17. sorry to hear that you are feeling sick..we send you lots of hugs..Miss Moussie says hugs are the best remedy..hugs and plenty of laughs...even when laughing makes you cough!! Read something Lucy..Laurel and Hardy..or we could send Who over to your place..he learned some new jokes..Only thing is this sweet owl's mind often wanders of in the middle of telling have to fill in the rest yourself.. take care..
    Stay warm and stay happy.TD and Company

  18. Hello Pamela

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Stay in bed with a good book or books and things should get better!

    Take care


  19. Oh no Pamela feel better soon. Your favorite herbal tea with honey and lemon might help.

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  20. So sorry about this, Pamela. I have no cures to offer. Eight eternity. I don't think I've ever been in bed more than two or three. You have my sympathies and my thoughts for feeling better. Sleep.

  21. Keep doing what you are doing. No remedies unfortunately, just ways to alleviate symptoms until it has run its course.
    Get well soon.

  22. So sorry to hear that you are not well. There are no cures - the best think to do, I find, is to sleep, sleep, sleep and sweat it out. Get well soon!

  23. Poor dear Pamela, how we all despise a summer cold. Here's what works well:

    A large mug of steaming hot water with a squeeze of lemon, a squeeze of local honey, and a big splash of good bourbon. You'll feel like a new woman in no time.

    It's also nice to have someone whisper in your ear occasionally - Oh you poor sweet thing, let me rub your back". I'm sure the songwriter can do that beautifully. :-)

  24. Dear Pamela,
    I don't know why they call it the "common cold". it should be called an "extraordinary cold"! I chose the polite way to describe it here. I have other names for it, but not for public consumption.

    Hot lemon, honey and a wee dram of whiskey, hunny, whishky, hot melon, wheeeshkey, more lunny, more wiksey, etc etc - Works for me!

    The painting is so poignant!

    Get well soon my dear.
    Dianne :-)

  25. Do get well soon Pamela...thinking of you....xv

  26. A large spoonful of honey topped off with a bit of lemon juice does wonders for a sore throat.

  27. as a retired nurse i recommend a trip to the doctor! i had similar symptoms that turned into bronchitis requiring antibiotics. get well soon.

  28. Oh no Pamela, I'm so sorry you have the flu. When I'm not feeling well, I like homemade chicken soup and theraflu but after so long, perhaps some medicine from the doctor will be more helpful. I sure hope you feel better soon.

  29. Oh, you poor duck, wishing you a fast recovery, patience and lots of care... but I am sure between the song writer, Edward and Apple you must be in the best hands and paws....
    Hugs and kisses - get better soon!

  30. I had one of those in May. It finally went away after a dose of medicine. Take thee to the apothecary, dear Pamela. as someone else said, you've had this too long. Edward needs you to feel better.

  31. Zicam or Airborne will keep you from getting a cold if taken at the first symptom and for 48 hours after. If a cold gets you, taking one or the other will shorten the cold to about three days. I've proven it over and over. Both products really do work. Hope you feel better soon!

  32. Sambucol, an elderberry extract syrup, formulated by an Isralie female scientist. Dave swears when he takes it the first day of a cold, his cold lasts three, perhaps four days. I also drink elderberry juice I buy in the form of a concentrate; this helps boost my immune system. I do the above plus drink copious amounts of orange juice and also water; hydration helps as does flushing the system.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  33. Light food, hot tea, lots of water and a mix of one tea spoon of honey and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in approx. 200 ml. hot water.

    Get well soon!

  34. So sorry you're unwell Pamela. My own remedy (and very effective it is too) is elderberry rob made in the autumn from elderberries and various spices. Hot elderberry or even elderflower cordial would be a good substitute but I don't know whether it would be available in the US. Hope you feel better soon.

  35. I'm sorry to hear you're sick. My go-to cold remedy is "chukku" tea (ginger tea):

    juice of one whole lemon
    slices of fresh ginger
    one half of a garlic clove
    one dried red pepper
    hot water
    honey to taste

    I drink it non-stop and feel so much better.

    Get better.

  36. So sorry you are sick this early in spring & summer

    I agree with everything Arija said plus I flush my nose out twice daily with the new little bottles designed for that purpose.You put salt in the water keeps the germs and pollen out of your breathing passages

    I love edward and have been reading about him

    Janice Missouri USA

  37. Oh, I hate this! A bad cold in the summer seems doubly cruel!! At least in the winter time, one feels more compelled to crawl under the covers...
    I have nothing to add to all these wonderful suggestions for remedy, some of which I already do, and some which I will try the next time I am afflicted.
    I just hope you are better soon, that you are getting some sleep, and I am nearby if I can do anything for you.

  38. Hope today is already bringing feelings of wellbeing Pamela - only time seems to actually heal the common cold. All those wonderful sounding natural remedies from all the blog friends will surely lessen the agony!

    Glad Edward is sticking close by - he must make a great 'nurse', lol!!

    Get well soon.
    Mary X

  39. I concur with Angus.....barring that, Jaegermeister, kept in the freezer until its ice cold, then a few shots of that. Its guaranteed as well.

  40. Oh dear! I am sorry to hear you're ill. Your tweets flat lined and I knew it must be something dire to silence your twits! No remedies....sorry. "Lots of patience" is all I can recommend! Hope you feel well soon!

  41. Oh dear, I do what you do and stay in bed and keep warm. It does help to have an attentive furry friend by your side to comfort you. Get well soon!

  42. Put menthalatum or some similar product on the bottoms of your feet and then put socks on. It will immediately ease your breathing. I have no idea why this works. Must be magic.

  43. Poor Pamela...I agree on the hot lemonade with honey and bourbon...heavy on the bourbon. You just won't care about it anymore.

    OR~ A dip in the salty ocean. Saltwater cures everything!

    Feel better!

  44. having not been a mom, i have no remedies for you. all i can offer is a "get well" and a thank you.

    thank you pamela for writing your blog, i gratefully slip into a thought provoking, genteel, fellow anglophile whom writes so beautifully,world. i am grateful for you

  45. Hope you're feeling better, Pamela. It's hard to shake a summer cold. *sends chicken soup*

  46. Feel better, my dear. I am so
    glad that Edward is your ever
    faithful companion! Colds are
    awful and always last way too long!

  47. Oh no - not a cold! Not even an upmarket posh cold, but an awful common cold. :)

    Rest, drink plenty of fluids, and slowly but surely the fuzzy clouds will clear. Hope you feel better very, very soon.

  48. You've already got the best 'medicine' - your faithful companion by your side . . . .years ago my back had gone out and I laid in my room for an entire week (and of course it was a hot summer as well) and my Aggie never left my side. My other dogs would visit - but she was the only one who stayed. Oh how I miss my girl . . . .

  49. I think I rather agree with Bee.
    Lots and lots of fluids.
    Elderflower water seems to be in vogue lately --you might try that
    or, if you can get it
    RIBENA a blackcurrent cordial.

    Just returned from a wonderful, if brief, trip to England.
    Thought of you.

  50. I tried to leave a comment the other day but to no avail so I am trying again today. I don't have any cure I am afraid but Ted and I send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  51. Oh poor you. A summer cold is a double misery. I've been racking my brains for a traditional Scottish recipe. Some people swear by a hot whisky and lemon. We tend to take echinacea tincture - the effect may be as much psychological!

  52. I swear by 1000mg of soluble paracetamol in a pint of water. Followed by another three hours later xx

  53. I love that picture,today I was reading of old cures of the Babushki [the old herbalists/wise women] of russia.They have some great wisdoms for colds prevention and cure.


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