Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To Remind Us Of May

To Remind Us of May

Half asleep, I see it, dancing on my bedroom wall like a Neverland fairy. Drifting up from the pool of clear water now shimmering in the old stone birdbath outside of my window, a reflection, a tiny flower bed of light, is waltzing like a figment just below my ceiling. It swirls and twirls, a hypnotist’s dream, and I know without doubt something’s strange. Winter light never behaves in this fashion, not even on Sundays. I throw back the blankets and Edward looks up, yawning, from his place at the foot of the bed. I run to the windowseat, where Apple is snuggled down, to pull back the lace curtain and peer out to the garden.
Bright sun.
Brilliant sun.
Shining from a sky so blue it could be a mirage.
A blue bird is splashing in the bath down below, no frozen water today. Sighing and swaying, the bare trees slowly stretch out their winter numb limbs in the warmth of this oddly timed breeze.
None of us are asking why.
None of us are waiting.
We head out to the forest as fast as we can, to walk in this glorious gift of a day. No boots and no coats, not a hat to be seen, we push up our sleeves and lift our faces to the sun.
The snows are forgotten.
We remember Spring.
We are not yet too old to be surprised.
Soon, as we know, Mother Nature will look down and be shocked at her lapse, sending grey icy winds to wrap round our days once again. But how grateful we are her attention was elsewhere on this wonderful, beautiful gift of a day.
And, during this shortest and coldest of months in the year, we will hold this day in our pockets.
A talisman to remind us of May.


  1. Your words are lovely and thank you for sharing. I look forward to Spring and the warm weather!

    Enjoy your week.


  2. We too have had a taste of Spring a week or so ago, it's a wonderful gift at this time of year. I love the photo of Edward and Apple, they look very pleased with life:)

  3. O, and what a gorgeous day it was!!!

  4. Edward and Apple look so regal while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
    I, too look forward to Spring and the crocus are the first to pop their tiny crowns up through the snow. Although this may be too much snow for them. We'll see. By the time Springtime strolls in, all this pretty white snow will be a distant memory.

  5. Lovely blog! Hugs from Milan, Italy. M.

  6. What a lovely thought. Just a dream in my part of the country. Love the picture of Apple and Edward so regal in the sun.

  7. How lovely you make your waking up sound, and how marvelous to be able to rush out without February!! It all sounds wonderful.

    Hugs Jane

  8. Oh yes Pamela - you can't stop the earth bursting forth with Spring - I can see it in Edward's and Apple's faces as well as in your lovely words.

    Would you believe that the word verification is wagga!

  9. Dear Pamela, How beautifully you capture here that sense of 'Seize the Day' that comes upon one when a day of unseasonable warmth suddenly appears. And, how perfect to follow your instincts and revel in it no matter what other pressing tasks are pending. They will wait, but that special moment will not.

  10. “O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”


  11. Dear Pamela, your writing is beautiful. I'm looking forward to spring, it's raining here but I don't mind because I don't have to go anywhere. Bliss xx

  12. I heard a slight tinkling of spring in the birdsong last weekend, but today, they are furiously feeding at the feeders, snow upon snow upon snow!

    In the midst of yet another major snowfall, its hard to even fathom spring!

  13. Oh, for such a delicious taste of Spring!

    What a beautiful account of a great surprise given you by Gaia herself.

    Here in Weldon Spring, MO, we have a blizzard in process. I will dream of the beauty you show us so delightfully.

  14. Ah spring...what we have to look forward to. I had almost forgotten about it, it has been so cold over here of late. Apple and Edward and so sweet - like yin and yan.

  15. Oh this was so lovely ... I was walking in those woods too as I read remembering what it was like to feel the warmth of spring and the smell of the green.. like you I just can't wait.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  16. "A tiny flower of light" dancing on the wall - beautiful.
    I'm looking forward to those balmy days (but we're in for a major storm tonight, Snow Queen weather).
    Edward and Apple look very content in the sun.

  17. You are able to put my thoughts into words much more elegantly than my own - I admire that.


  18. It is very brilliant and cold here "where it always rains". A reminder from nature that rain will bring forth the most astonishing beauty come spring.

  19. This is so pretty! You're a really talented writer. I love it.

    Lovely photos, too :)

  20. It’s nice to get the reminder that spring is coming during today’s blizzard. Lovely images and words.

  21. Beautiful photos - and lovely words - spring is not on the horizon here (yet) - but snowshoeing through the woods makes it enjoyable!

  22. I just love what the sun can do for us have expressed it so well. Too many grey days can get the best of us but when that sun comes calling everything feels right in the world again. We have bulbs popping up all around our garden...that gives you a hint of what the weather is like here.

    I mentioned to my family my thoughts on the weather and how mild it has been and they looked at me like I was crazy...I guess it is colder than I thought and I need to get out more :) It is either that or my body temperature is playing tricks on me again.

    You may want to bring all those extra bits and pieces for London :)

    Jeanne xxx

  23. "We are not yet too old to be surprised". I want to be that Neverland fairy or the blue bird splashing in the bath soaking in the sun. Not to be this gal trying to stay warm in the freezing temp's and constant power outages of West Texas! I should not complain, there are those that have had it far..far worse. Thanks Pamela for the lovely thoughts. Apple & Edward to perfectly content. ( :
    Cheers ~ Deb

  24. Thanks for reminding me of May
    Love Jeanne

    Happy Chinese New Year

  25. Pamela...
    So very nice to meet you...
    No mistake I happened upon this blog this evening.
    I just finished reading your post titled "Beauty in the broken"
    I am in the grieving process of earnestly trying to find the beauty again after the loss of my Love.
    Thanks for sharing and have enjoyed my visit here, must follow.
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...
    Stop in when time to have you.

  26. No, never too old to be surprised, I'm in total agreement with that sentence!

    Lovely post - super pic of the dogs - thank you.

  27. I had a gorgeous sunny walk on Thursday -- it was bliss to have the sun for a change. Your wonderful description reminded me of that happy hour.


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