Sunday, January 23, 2011



Disappointment, in her gown of scissors and pins, strode into my room this week and placed her bony hands on my shoulders.
Though perhaps not as vicious as her ugly stepsister, regret, she is still quite capable of stealing both appetite and energy, and throwing a cloud right over the sun.
The writer’s retreat in Marrakesh that I was to attend during the month of February was cancelled, and I am crestfallen.
If I were a colour, I would be grey.
If I were a book, I would be dry as dust.
If I were a song, I would be sung in a minor key.
Now I am too much of a Pollyanna to stay in this state for long, but I intend to have a right wallow this weekend.
And fair warning, ice cream may be involved.
Times like these, it’s good to have a dog who commiserates.
So say something to make us laugh, okay?


  1. Oh Edward ! The Maghreb just at the moment might be a tad too exciting. Sometimes these things are meant .

  2. I am so sorry Pamela....disappointment is absolutely awful....
    The fact that you are writing about it sounds to me as if you are on the road to recovery....I can't imagine that you would let anything colour your world grey for too long....I suspect it is not your or Edward's style....
    Something else exciting will will see.....xv

  3. Dear Edward, I'm with Angus on this one, Marrakesh might be a tad overheated in February, let's say that fate stepped in to save you from a potentially sticky situation.
    Encourage the writer to look for retreats in quieter parts of the world!

  4. Oh dear. So sorry to hear. I'm sure it would have been the perfect antidote to that most lingering of winter months. :-(

  5. Dear Pamela, We have recently returned from Marrakech...the place of which you are speaking. Sign up for another writing experience and see Marrakech. Marrakech needs your undivided attention. It is a magical place.

  6. Dear Edward, you lok so sad and downhearted. I know that there must be good treats waiting for you. May I suggest a cuddle by the fire place with hot cocoa?

  7. I'm so very sorry for you....for all of us.
    This is very hard to bear.
    All awful fate and timing and circumstances gone against us.....
    Shakespeare would have it that there was some misalignment of the stars.
    I had been preparing for this since August.
    Bonnie Beth said we all have the journey that we are meant to have, but even so this has been a pretty miserable week all round.
    Yes, you must get to Marrakesh in the end. It is magical, as Gina said, but can be inexplicably strange too.

  8. cream. As a young teen, I once went to a Baskin-Robbins of the 31 flavors back then. I hemmed and hawwed...finally settling on my staple, my favorite - as I told the young man at the counter "just plain vanilla, please." He rejoiced "Oh, no, never plain vanilla - scrumptious, smooth, deliciously cool pale blond vanilla!" He made my day. Did you smile?

  9. Forget the bowl, just break out the spoon and go for it. Smooth ice cream can be a comfort when the chips are down.
    I believe things happen for a reason. And even though you don't know what the reason is right now, you will at some point.
    After the pint of ice is finished, get up and go for a long walk with Edward. Let the wind whip your face with the cold air. The endorphins will start to spin around in your head and make you feel uplifted.
    Continue to follow your goal; the journey will be well worth it.
    Marrakesh will also be there.

  10. I am so sorry to hear of the canceled program but hope something even better comes along.

  11. Wow, I’m still realing from “writers retreat in Marakessh” It will happen again... truly no fret dear heart.

  12. O, that is a sad turn of events and I don't have a single funny thing to say :(

  13. What a bummer! Time to rent a "laugh movie", however, I can;'t think of one to recommend!

  14. So sorry to hear that your plans fell thru, and while you might 'feel' grey, when I read your blog it brings so much bright light with it. The movie might be "Brother where art thou?". And I'd have Ina Gartens warm chocolate pudding cake! jdl

  15. Well, of course he is commiserating - he will be so happy you are home! Gosh, I have trouble leaving Sadie alone for a couple hours, now that Ben is gone. I know. I am a card-carrying sap of the first degree.

  16. Here's a quote for you I found on the internet...the answer to wallowing shall become clear in a few moments, Pamela, just read on:

    **TV historian David Starkey called Mary, Queen of Scots, "a whore and a trollop and a murderess", accused the Scots of "adoring failure", and branded the SNP "utterly contemptible".

    Starkey, who rose to fame presenting historical television programmes about the lives of the Tudors, was on a radio programme, giving his thoughts on the SNP's idea of returning Mary, Queen of Scots', remains to Scotland.

    He said: "It's exactly the kind of Scottish sentiment that makes the Scottish Nats' shortbread, tartaned, biscuit-tinned view of Scotland that is totally and utterly contemptible."

    Starkey, who has gained a reputation for acerbic outbursts against the Queen, the BBC and Tony Blair, made the comments on Radio 2 comedy programme, Clive Anderson's Chat Room.

    He added that Mary, who he said despised being queen of Scotland, would hate the idea of being returned, and that actually made her the perfect heroine for a people who "adore failure".

    He said: "The only victory (Scots] have ever celebrated is Bannockburn; the rest is about wallowing in failure. They even have special music for failure – it's called bagpipes." **


  17. i know... if you had gone you might have broken your ankle and while being pushed in your wheelchair, it could have lost its wheel, you could fall out, trip a man carrying smelly seafood in a large basket... now its on your lovely hair.. the smell is atrocious!!! be glad you stayed home, girl!!! :)

  18. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that :( But I hope that it will be another chance soon and that the icecream tasted well.

    Lots of hugs

  19. So sorry to hear of your cancelled workshop in such an exotic locale. I always say, wallow in it for a short while, have a good cry, then eat some chocolate. There, all better. Dear Edward, soon, very soon, there will chipmunks scurrying about, getting your attention.

  20. I fancied that writers' course in Marrakesh too - but thought it was too soon to make the journey after my illness. Edward looks so sad for you. Enjoy the ice cream (if it were me it would definitely have to include some coconut).

  21. suspect Edward may have had a paw in this
    after all
    Marrakesh is a long way away
    on the bright side
    writers can retreat anywhere they please...

  22. So sorry for your disappointment.
    One way to see it is to know that in some way
    it is a "gift". Maybe you, the songwriter and
    Apple, and Edward are being kept safe. <3

  23. Sorry about your writer's retreat being canceled--maybe you can do something special that day to make up for it.

    Have a great week!

    Tarcy :)

  24. Pamela, I have been immersed in brochures about Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains for days and feel your loss. I think Vicki is spot on...if you are writing, you are on the road to may even write yourself into another destination. Back to Scotland again?

    Ice cream...I only have one question,,,,your preferred brand and flavour? For me, it is Ben and Jerry's coffee for with a bag of M&M.s on the side if I am really feeling grizzly.

    Here's hoping another fabulous alternative finds it's way to you :)

    Jeanne xx

    Ps...Love the green Medici coat @ J Peterman :) !

  25. Pamela,
    I recently stumbled across your's lovely the places a few extra clicks can take you...and I truly have enjoyed all of your stories! I could read your writing all day - you truly have a a wonderful gift with words. Sorry about the retreat but I very much believe in the old saying, "when one door closes..."
    Have a glorious weekend with ice cream and Edward! :)

  26. How disappointing! Check out the Week in Review of the NYT today "Sit! Fetch! Practice!" by James Gorman and share a good laugh with Edward.

  27. The quote may not be exact, but I believe it goes something like this: When one door closes, another door opens. Chow down on the ice cream, girl, and start looking around for the other open door.

  28. everything happens for a reason. The emotion 'disappointment' is a valid one. how else could we savor 'satisfaction'?

  29. Oh, I'm sorry for you, Pamela, but kind of happy for Edward's sake. What do you do with him when you go out of town?

    I have the Pollyanna tendency as well, but I firmly believe in a good brief wallow in the pool of self pity before shaking it off.

    May I suggest some hot fudge sauce with that ice cream, Madame?

    (Glad to have found your blog, recommended to me from Cheryl of JoJo's Joys.)

  30. don't you hate when miss anticipation is once again so flippant?

    hope something even more exciting is in your future pamela

  31. Aw...Marrakesh just isn't all it's cracked up to be. Really. Trust me on this.

    More amazing is awaiting another snowstorm with the furry "slippers" laying on your feet.

    That didn't help...did it.


  32. I think only half of you is disappointed, the other half, viz. Edward is actually thrilled that you are not leaving him. He is a marvellous actor though and can put on the saddest of Friday faces imaginable to make you feel better.

    I am truly sorry that your lollipop has been snatched away and hope a kind fairy comes along and hands you an even more romantic destination to expand your talents in.

  33. That photo of Edward is just gorgeous.
    I always think that things happen for a reason and suspect something better for you is on the horizon. Or the same thing at a later (better) time.

  34. Oh that is a bummer; I would find another excuse to go, another time, but for the moment I would invite friends over for a little cake & ice cream party. And, at minimum, it means that you will not have to be away from Edward!

  35. Such a shame that something you have looked forward to for so long has been cancelled. Edward does look sad for you in that photo; ice cream is great for lifting the spirits:)

  36. Open a bottle of Madeira and drink two glasses before dinner. Disappointment will dissipate!

  37. What a shame for you Pamela. Disappointment is hard to bear but I always think things that happen (or in this case don't happen) are meant to be. In the meantime, whilst waiting for another writing opportunity to present itself, enjoy that icecream.

  38. OH, I really feel for you... these types of creative reatreats offer us so MUCH... replenishment of our craft,spirit,creative soul, and more. And Marrakesh! I feel for your loss... but know that you are a treasure seeker- who's able to find such treasure & replenishment in our quotidian life, and beautifully express and bring it to us here! Thank you! But still, while you remain one for us, YOU need a lovely interlude.

    I have a poor memory for jokes! However, I greatly enjoyed the Prairie Home Companion this weekend! Alas, twas the "JOKE" show and though I was laughing outloud, I can't remember a single one! Maybe you can find some of the "best medicine" in the next one on a station near you?
    Take heart!

  39. I'm so sorry your adventure has been curtailed but just know another exotic locale will soon be on the horizon Pamela. Will be interested to hear where you will go......wherever, I know you will enjoy just as much.

    As for Edward - he now won't be worried and wondering how you are faring on camels' backs, under desert canvas, and shopping in scary bazaars!!!

    Be happy - adventure is everywhere.
    Hugs - Mary

  40. Oh what a pity, so sorry for your disappointment. But why not go to Marrakech anyway? I recommend it.


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