Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Sale

It is warm today!  Actually warm!
The sun has remembered how to shine, there are sweet breezes blowing, and Edward is staring at me with a gleam in his eye.
 I have rolled all my responsibilites up into a prickly, peevish ball and thrown them right out the window to be blown far away by a gust of March wind.
With an apple and some dog biscuits in my pocket, Edward and I are off to enjoy the glorious weather!
  No time to write today.  
So, as a part of our Springtime celebration, I am having a special sale in my Etsy shoppe, just for all you wonderful blog readers.  
Here's how it works.  From now thru Sunday the 28th, all items in The House of Edward are 25% off.   If you purchase an item, send me an Etsy message, or regular email, and let me know that you came from the blog and I will refund your paypal account 25%.

In the shoppe you will find Easter bunnies and wedding cakes, silver dogs, babies and lovebirds, and one happy, laughing pig.  All are boxes that open to hide away special keepsakes, special memories, or even chocolate eggs!
Have fun.
And, more words soon!
I promise.


  1. aw.. too gorgeous - just like the weather at the moment !!

  2. That little piggy is the most darling little thing!
    Your treasure boxes are indeed worthy of the memories they'll store. The one you've made for my daughter is the most exquisite, and has a special spot in the living room bookcase, as she wants everyone to see it.

  3. So glad to hear that you and Edward are off and enjoying this beautiful day!!!! I have become obsessed with pointing out each budding tree and every green shoot poking out of the soil. Spring is almost here - I can feel it, smell it, see it. Just wonderful :-)

  4. Sometimes you just have to run wild and let go of all work duties!!!:)
    I hope you and Edward, enjoy your time away from blogging and enjoy the new Spring weather.
    Bright Spring Wishes to You Both.

  5. These are beautiful, I think my favourite is the heart box with the doves.
    This is very much the sort of day to make us play hooky and go for a walk in the sun. I image Edward was pleased. I also escaped (with Tippy) for walk at midday, thinking of Mole in Wind in the Willows, and "Hang spring-cleaning!"

  6. Warm and sunny? I’m jealous. It was snowing in Maine today. Enjoy spring for me and Stella - we didn't last long on our walks today. The doves look very peaceful.

  7. I have to tell you..I just love that picture of Edward with the knitted hat on...I'd use that as my screen saver if I could..You two are so beautiful...

  8. Oh, good for you, Pamela! One has to capture the memories of those grand days. Your boxes are exquisite!

  9. We've had unseasonably springish weather for over a month and a half now. Am seriously tempted to plant tomatoes - although I'm sure that would spell an immediate return to winter.

    That laughing pig could not be cuter.

  10. Pamela...they are all so sweet. I will most definitely have a closer look. I like how you described taking your responsibilities and rolling them into a prickly peevish ball and tossing them out the window...I am going to remember that one! Hope you enjoyed your walk..
    Jeanne :)

  11. So glad to hear Spring has finally arrived - and love the thought of rolling up responsibilities in a prickly, peevish ball. Spring is here, too - will treat myself to a little browse, now, in your Etsy shoppe. (Hope you and Edward are having a wonderful day) xoxox

  12. Dear Pamela,
    Just popped over to say that you can watch The Delicious Sophie Dahl on BBC iplayer. If you go to or, if that doesn't work, google BBC iplayer. You can then watch it and see what they did to her 'pretend' house !! XXXX

  13. Enjoy the day! It is raining here, but I think I will still go to the park and see what's peeking up through the earth! Happy Thursday!

  14. I have my beautiful dove box on the dining room buffet between 2 delicately hand-painted china pieces given by my sweet mother-in-law... It make such a lovely and meaningful grouping for me!

  15. I'm heading over to Etsy now to browse your shop.
    And wanted to say "hi" and your work and photos are an inspiration to this so-called careeer girl who so far only dabbles in this and that. Off now to Etsy!

  16. The one you've made for my daughter is the most exquisite, and has a special spot in the living room bookcase, as she wants everyone to see it.
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